What is a Greyhound Comb?

A greyhound comb is the most frequently used, best-selling type of grooming comb. For general daily use for all coat types. A greyhound or ‘greyhound style’ comb is usually a standard length - around 7” to 8” (17cm to 20cm) being the most common. Teeth usually run the full length of the spine. Greyhound combs don’t usually have a handle, and teeth length is long, about 1" (2.5cms).

A typical greyhound comb has a 50/50 mix of teeth spacing – usually half medium, half coarse - for all-purpose work, but some brands and models offer other teeth combos. Normally made of stainless steel for strength, easy cleaning, for using wet or dry, and so teeth can be polished smooth to glide through the coat without snagging, usually with rounded tines (tines are the prongs or teeth).

What is a greyhound comb used for?

For everyday maintenance. Tangle removal and knot prevention. Removing knots and fluffing the coat ready for clipping. Used during clipping and scissoring to check for an even, smooth result. Look for wider (coarse) teeth spacing for more knot-prone coats and faster coat prep, or medium or fine spacing for picking up smaller tangles, for well-maintained coats, removing stuck, dead coat, and for finishing the groom. The long teeth of a greyhound comb go through the coat, down to the skin, to remove knots, debris and stuck, dead coat that bristle brushes and shorter pin brushes miss.

BREED TIP: For the Poodle, Bichon and other wool coated breeds, a poodle comb is usually preferred instead of a greyhound comb, as a poodle comb has longer teeth. Poodle combs are also popular for long, thick, denser coats like Collies.

What coat types and dog breeds is a greyhound comb for?

For every breed and every coat type - although you may prefer a poodle comb for wool coats or longer, thicker coats. Because the teeth of a greyhound comb are long, though not quite as long as a poodle comb, the greyhound style comb is suited to the majority of coat lengths and types. For frequently brushed, wool or static-prone coats, an anti-stat greyhound comb (also called a finishing comb) is recommended.