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What's an A5 blade?

A5 is a term that tells you the blade has a universal fitting. Also called A5 style, A5 model or A5 type. So if you have an A5 style blade it will fit on any brand of A5 model clipper.

And vice versa, if you have an A5 model clipper, it will fit any brand of A5 style blade. So you can put Wahl blades on your Andis clipper, Andis blades on your Heiniger clipper and so on.

The majority of blades we sell are A5 style. The blade description tells you if the blade is unique or universal fit. Keep in mind not every clipper made by the same brand will be an A5 model! For example, the Wahl Show Pro and Pet Pro are not A5 model clippers, but all the Wahl KM series are A5 models (KMSS, KM2, KM5 etc).

Before you buy any blade, always check if your clipper is an A5 model first.