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Collection: Kiss Pink by Geib

The Geib Kiss range is designed by groomers for groomers. Unsurpassed balance, weight and feel. Superior quality stylish scissors at an outstanding price. The colours indicate the handle design, Blue, Pink or Rainbow. Kiss is a level 1 to level 2 range, making it ideal for students through to experience professionals.

AllGroom Scissor Guarantee - Always Brand New!

AllGroom carries an extensive range of both Geib and Witte Roseline scissors. Customers often ask us if our scissors are brand new or have been loaned out before you own them. Please be assured we are as protective of scissors as you are. We know as soon as they are used by another groomer, they are never quite the same (sharing is caring - but not when it comes to scissors!). That's why we guarantee all scissors bought from AllGroom are 100% brand new, factory sharpened, direct from the manufacturer, at the correct tension as the manufacturer intended. We guarantee scissors bought from AllGroom will never have been loaned out or used by another groomer before you. On the rare occasion a scissor has been returned and re-sharpened, we will always identify them clearly as refurbished for full transparency before you buy.

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  • Geib® Kiss Gold/Pink 8.5" Straight Scissors
    Geib® Kiss Gold/Pink 8.5
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  • Geib Kiss Gold/Pink 7" 42 Tooth Blender - Peeling Paint
    Geib Kiss Gold/Pink 7
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