Is my clipper an A5 model?

Use this chart below to find out if your clippers are an A5 model or not.

If the chart says YES then your clippers are an A5 model. A5 model clippers fit all brands of universal comb attachments - and all brands of A5 style blades. A5 style blades come in sizes from a 50 blade (0.2mm) up to a 3 blade (19mm).

If it says NO then your clipper has its own unique blades and your clipper does not fit A5 style or universal blades and fittings. 

Only the more common clippers are listed below, so if your clipper is not on this list, use live chat or call us on 0800 255 476 to double-check before you buy a blade or a comb attachment.  

Chart showing A5 dog clippers