Are comb attachments and blade numbers the same?

No, they are not the same. The comb attachment size or the blade number does not directly relate to the coat length. A comb attachment with the same number as a blade does not mean they will be the same coat length. To make it easier to shop blades and comb attachments, our website tells you the coat length in mm's for every blade and comb attachment.

For example, a size 4 blade and size 4 comb attachment are different lengths. Keep in mind also, a size 4 comb attachment in one brand, may be quite different to a size 4 comb attachment made by another brand. 

Compare these 3 products:size 2 stainless steel comb attachment made by Wahl leaves the coat 6mm. In Andis their 6mm comb attachment is called a size 4. A size 4 blade leaves the coat just under 1cm

So to avoid confusion, it's best to buy based on the coat length given in mm's on our website. All blades and comb attachment descriptions on AllGroom tell you the coat length in mm's.