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How do I take the blades off my clippers? (plus video)

For all brands of detachable blade clippers (also called A5 model clippers), there will be a blade release button you press to take the blade off. It's normally on the back of the clipper, just below the blade. 

To take the blade off

You do not need to unscrew the blade itself. Press or push the blade release button and the blade latch will pop open, releasing the blade. Pull the blade up, towards the back of the clipper, then simply lift it off the blade latch. Watch the video below to see how it's done.

To put the blade on

Seat it on the blade latch, then turn your clippers on. While the clipper is running, push the blade down fully so it clicks in to place. If you do not run your clippers at the same time, the blade latch may not align and it won't fully push down, causing your blade to rattle or come off.