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What do blade numbers mean?

Blade sizes work in reverse to what you might think, so a 30 is a lot shorter than a 3 for example. The higher the blade number, the shorter the coat will be.

To avoid confusion, it's easier to buy based on the millimetres (mm's) the blade leaves your dog's coat, rather than what the blade size is. A size 3 blade might not mean much for example, but knowing it leaves the coat 13mm is what helps you decide. Keep in mind a size 3 comb and size 3 blade are not the same length. 

Every blade on our website tells you the blade size and the length it leaves the coat, measured in mm's. You'll see longer blades come in 2 types: FC and ST. Find out What's the difference between FC and ST blades? > before you buy.

Most A5 model clippers by all brands come with a #10 blade included free, also called a standard blade. Look for a big 10 engraved on the face of your blade. If you don't know if your clipper is an A5 model or not, check the A5 clipper chart first > before you buy any blade.

TIP: If your blade says '30 15 10' on the face, or lists multiple blade numbers, that suggests it may be an adjustable blade, not an A5 blade. What's an A5 blade?