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What is a 10 blade?

A #10 is a short blade, leaving the coat under 2mm. Most professional clippers come with a 10 blade included free. Used by itself, a size 10 blade leaves the coat under 2mm (brands vary slightly from 1.5mm to 1.8mm). If you're unsure how long a blade will leave the coat, the length is usually etched on the face of the blade. We also tell you the coat length for every blade, given in mm's on our website.

Coat length depends on the direction you clip. You can find out more about this by searching our Help section.

To get longer coat lengths than a 10 blade, you have two options. You can either buy longer blades or put a universal comb attachment on your 10 blade. Comb attachments give you coat lengths from 3mm to 3cm. 

If you have a 10 blade already, then any brand of universal comb attachment will fit on your blade. Most universal comb attachments also fit on size 15 and size 30 blades. Always check the comb attachment product description before you buy to make sure it fits on your blade.