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Which blade size should I get for my dog?

Buying blades is much easier once you know what the numbers mean. First check the blade length matches the coat length you want. If you're not sure what coat length you want, use the blade list below. Second, check what blades fit my clippers? before you buy any blade. 

Guide for choosing dog blades:

    • Sanitary trim (genitals, rectum, abdomen) > #10 > 1.5mm to 1.8mm*
    • Feet and paw pads > #15 or #30 > 1.2mm to 0.5mm*
    • Between toes and paw pads > 5/8 Toe Blade, #10 > 1.5mm or trimmer **
    • Inside ears and stomach > #10 > 1.5mm to 1.8mm*
    • Knotted coat > #7 > 3mm to 4mm*
    • Badly knotted / Matted coat > #10 > 1.5mm to 1.8mm*
    • Smooth coat / short body > #7 > 3mm to 4mm*
    • Curly coat body > #3, #4 or #5 > Choose preferred length: 6mm to 19mm*
    • Medium to long coat body > #3 or #4 > 8mm to 19mm
    • Surgery / wound care > #40 or #50 > 0.1mm to 0.25mm*
    • For coat lengths longer than 19mm, see Longer coat lengths below

What do the blade numbers mean?

    *Some blades leave the coat a slightly different length even though the blade size is the same. For example, the Andis #10, Heiniger #10 and Laube #10 blades all leave the coat 1.5mm, but a Wahl #10 leaves the coat 1.8mm, and a Geib Buttercut #10 leaves the coat 1.6mm. When you buy a blade from us the product information tells you the exact length in mm's. 

    **A mini trimmer is another popular solution for trimming delicate, touch-sensitive, or injury-prone areas.

    Watch how to do a sanitary trim >

    For longer coat lengths

    Blades go up to 19mm - just under 2cm - but for even longer coat lengths, you can put a comb attachment on your blade. Universal comb attachments fit on #10 or #30 blades for coat lengths up to 3cm

    Most brands offer comb attachments from 3mm to 3cm coat lengths. Find out more below, and check What comb attachments fit on my clipper? > before you buy.

    Blades for a 'Puppy Cut' or 'Teddy Bear Trim'

    See more details about What is a Puppy Cut or Teddy Bear trim? > 

    'One long length all over' is a popular style, and to achieve that look, any coat length from 6mm (1/4") to 5cm (2 inches) are all 'correct' depending on your preference. A slightly shorter body, with longer legs and tail, finished with a round 'teddy bear' head, is also popular variation.

    You have 2 ways to achieve a longer length all over, or to have some areas longer than others. Either use a longer blade, or use a comb attachment on a short blade. 

    Body lengths using blades

    3mm to 4mm coat length > #7 blade

    Andis UltraEdge Stainless Steel 7FC Blade. Fits all A5 clippers. Leaves a length of 3.2mm

    6mm to 7mm coat length > #5 blade

    Wahl Competition Series Stainless Steel 5FC Blade. Fits all A5 clippers. Leaves a length of 6mm

    8mm to 9.6mm coat length > #4 blade

    Andis UltraEdge Stainless Steel 4FC Blade. Fits all A5 clippers. Leaves a length of 9.5mm

    13mm to 2cm coat length > #3 blade

    Geib Buttercut Stainless Steel 3FC Blade. Fits all A5 clippers. Leaves a length of 13mm

    Coat lengths 2cm or longer > See comb attachments, below

      Longer coat lengths using comb attachments

      Comb attachments come in a variety of lengths, available both individually or as a set. Most brands give you options from 3mm to 3cm, some go shorter, some even longer. For coat lengths longer than 3cm, you would typically use scissors instead. You can put any universal comb attachment on any brand of #10, #15 or #30 blade but always check your clipper model and blade type here first: What comb attachments fit on my clipper?

      Comb attachments lengths

      8 Stainless steel combs in lengths ranging from 3mm to 25mm

      9 Plastic combs in shorter lengths, ranging from 1.5mm to 14mm

      8 Plastic combs in longer lengths, ranging from 16mm to 32mm

      The Andis Set of 6 Plastic Comb Attachments fit on all Andis A5 model clippers, including the AG, AGC, AGP, AGR+, AGRC, AGCL, AGRV, MBG, SMC and SMC-2. Lengths ranging from 3mm to 19mm.


      You can also buy combs attachments separately instead of an entire set. Use this guide to help Choosing the right comb attachment >

      You can shop for Comb Attachments under the Blades category (h5) 

      TIP: If you don't know if your blade is an A5 style blade, or if your clipper in an A5 model or not, always check Is my clipper an A5 model? > before you buy any blade or a comb attachment.