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Why is a #10 blade called a standard blade?

A #10 blade is also called a standard blade because you can use it both by itself and it's the standard size of blade to use with a comb attachment.

Comb attachments give you everything from 3mm to over 3cm coat lengths depending on the length you put on your blade - or you can use a 10 blade by itself which leaves the coat under 2mm.

Areas you might use a #10 blade by itself include: between paw pads, on the face or around the eyes, the inside of the ears, for a sanitary trim (such as around the anus and genitals), or for a very short body clip all over (under 2mm).

You can clip any universal comb attachment on any brand of A5 style 10 blade for longer coat lengths. Comb attachments are also called 'guides' or 'snap-on combs' or 'clip-on combs'.

If you see the word 'universal' used to describe the comb attachment, then you'll know it will fit on your 10 blade, provided your 10 blade is an A5 blade.

If you don't know what A5 means, or you don't know if your clipper is an A5 model, or if your blade is an A5 blade, check is my clipper an A5 model > before you buy.