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What blades do I use for clipping a Bichon Frise?

Plush look - body: 3F to 5/8 HT

Short look - body: 4ST or 4F - 5ST or 5F

Head, tail, legs: scissor

Pet: Long comb attachment on 10 or 30 blade

Refer to the full Bichon Grooming Guide for a more detailed guide.

Note for all breeds: Personal preference matters! Use this as a guide only. Refer to the coat length measurement given for the blade before you use them. If it says above to use a size 10 for example, which leaves the coat 1.5mm to 3mm, but that is too short for how long you want the coat to be, use a longer blade. For most coats you clip in the same direction the coat naturally grows. This results in the length being about twice the coat length on the blade. So for a 10 blade that says 1.5mm, when clipped with the coat direction, it will leave the coat around 3mm. When using a blade against the direction the coat grows, the resulting length will match the length on the blade. Find out which direction should you clip the coat in?