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What are the different ‘oodle coat types?

To make sure you get the right clippers and other products for your Labradoodle, Spoodle, Cavoodle or other type of 'oodle, you first need to know what coat type your 'oodle has. The most common ‘oodle coats are these 3 below: 

FLEECE: Loose, shaggy waves. Soft texture. Low to non-shed. Medium to high maintenance as can be prone to knotting, especially in areas that rub, like the collar area and around the ears. Single coat (usually). Can sometimes have a cotton-soft, dense, knot-prone undercoat. Frequent brushing required if kept long.

WOOL: Often like lambswool. Similar to a Poodle coat. Normally tighter more spiral type curls compared to the fleece coat. Non-shedding. Tends to vary in texture, from lambswool texture to a dense, fine, cotton-wool texture. Typically coarser than the fleece coat. Can be high maintenance as very prone to knotting. Frequent brushing required if kept long. 

HAIR or STRAIGHT: A hair coat is often wispy or wiry, typically with a mixed texture and often with mixed lengths. It's easy maintenance and usually low to medium-shed. A straight coat is similar to the Golden Retriever or Spaniel coat type. Usually easy maintenance, typically with a silky texture, often with different lengths on different parts of the body. The straight coat is usually medium to high shed.

Search 'oodle grooming guide' in the help section to find the complete grooming guide with lots more detailed information about clippers, blades, comb attachments, shampoo and more for each coat type