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What does the blade drive look like?

The blade drive should be one of the most frequently changed parts in most clippers. They do wear down faster than you might think. 

Blade drives by different brands, and sometimes different models by the same brand, will require different blade drives. Some brands (like Andis), have a single blade drive assembly. For others (like Heiniger or Wahl), the blade drive (also known as blade lever, or turning lever) is one of a set of parts. Whatever your clipper brand and model, the blade drive is normally both inexpensive and easy to replace. When buying a blade drive to change yourself, make sure it's the right one for both your brand and your model of clipper. 

To help you find the right blade drive for your clipper, see the examples below:

Example of an Andis AGC quad blade drive:

Andis AGC blade drive

The Andis quad blade drive will fit most Andis clipper models. Will fit models: AG, AGC, AGR, AGR+, AGRC, AGCL, BG, BGC, BGR, BGR+, BGRC, BGCL,MBG, and MBG2, SMC2, Pulse ZR and ZR II, and Excel Clippers.

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Example of a Wahl blade drive lever for a KMSS and KM2: 

wahl kmss km2 blade drive

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Example of a Wahl blade drive lever for a KM5, KM10 and KM Cordless

drive lever for Wahl KM5, KM10, KM Cordless

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Example of a Heiniger turning lever for a Heiniger Saphir 

turning lever for Heiniger Saphir

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Example of a Heiniger turning lever for Heiniger Opal

turning lever Heiniger Opal

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