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Heiniger Opal - Troubleshooting Guide

The Heiniger Opal 2 Speed Dog Clipper is known for its efficiency and reliability. However, like any tool, it may encounter issues from time to time. Before considering repair services, explore the following troubleshooting tips to potentially resolve common problems and save time and money.

Clippers not cutting fur 

If your clippers aren't cutting the fur, there are a few things that can cause this. 

Dirty/Dry Blade

A blade clogged with fur or lacking lubrication will be unable to properly function. Here's what you can do: Remove the blade from the clippers and brush away any excess fur. Carefully clean between the cutters, ensuring not to push the cutter all the way out. Also, clear any fur buildup on the clipper head before reattaching the blade. Once reattached, apply a few drops of oil to the blade, let the clipper run briefly, and wipe off any excess oil. For more detailed cleaning and oiling instructions, click here.

Wet Coat 

The Heiniger Opal clippers aren't designed for wet clipping, and can struggle to clip on a wet coat. Make sure the coat is freshly clean and completely dry before clipping. 

Blunt Blade

If you've been using your blade for some time or have tackled a dirty or matted coat, a dull blade might be the issue. Blades can lose their edge quickly, which is why we always suggest grooming on a freshly cleaned coat. It's also why many groomers charge extra for matted shave downs (as it's tough on the equipment!). Typically, a blunt blade will grab or chew through the coat and may require significant effort to trim. (Note: We advise against forcing a blunt blade to cut, as this could cause discomfort to the dog.) If you've found your blade has dulled, you can have it sharpened here. We offer sharpening services for all full steel dog grooming blades, although we recommend checking the exclusions list in the product description.

Worn Blade Drive

If your blade is relatively new or recently sharpened but still performs poorly, the issue may lie with the blade drive. The blade drive is what turns the circular motion from the motor into a side-to-side motion to move the blade. Due to the nature of this part, it experiences regular wear and tear and often requires replacement. As time goes on, the blade drive naturally wears down, leading to a loosening of the blade's tension. You might notice that older blades with less tension still perform adequately. However, when you introduce a new or recently sharpened blade with standard tension, it may appear dull due to the worn blade drive. If you're uncertain whether your blade drive needs replacing, read our blade drive guide here.


Clippers not charging 

Charging Connection Interference

Charging your Heiniger Opal clippers involves placing them on a charging dock, where metal connection points on the clippers meet those on the dock. However, if there's any debris like dust, fur, or dirt present, it can disrupt the connection and prevent the clippers from charging. To resolve this issue, thoroughly clean both your clipper and charging dock around the connections, ensuring the clipper is firmly seated in the charging dock. The dock will show a solid red light when charging, which changes to green once charged. 

Faulty Wall Socket

If your clippers aren't charging, the issue might not be with the clipper or charging station but rather the outlet it's plugged into. To confirm if the outlet is the culprit, try plugging in another device that you know works into the same outlet. If the alternative device functions properly, you can rule out the wall socket as the source of the problem.

Faulty Dock or Charging Plug

Occasionally, manufacturing faults can occur. If you've tried the above steps without success, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for assistance. It's possible that your charging dock or cable has a defect, and we're here to help diagnose and address any issues you may be experiencing.


Clipper Turning Off Unexpectedly

The Heiniger Opal features a safety mechanism to prevent motor damage due to excessive friction. If your clipper shuts off unexpectedly, follow these steps:

Oil Blades Frequently 

The key to keeping your Heiniger Opal clippers running smoothly is to adhere to the manufacturer's recommendation of frequent blade oiling. Each time you attach a blade, ensure it is adequately lubricated with clipper oil. Oil during grooming, at least every 15 minutes. If your blade starts to leave track marks, this is a sign your clipper needs more oil. This lubrication reduces friction between the blade and the fur, preventing excessive resistance that may trigger the motor to shut off. For help on how and where to oil your blades, click here

Check Blade Tension and Blade Drive

Ensure that your blades are properly tensioned and the blade drive is functioning correctly. Blades with too tight of a tension can cause excessive friction and trigger the motor shutdown. Have your blades sharpened regularly, and oil your blades frequently once sharp.

Avoid Submerging your Clipper and Wet Shaving 

It's important to handle your Heiniger clippers with care, especially when it comes to cleaning. Submerging the blades in cleaner while they're attached to the clipper can potentially cause irreversible damage to the motor, particularly if the clipper is left upright. Following the manufacturer's guidelines diligently is crucial to prevent such issues and maintain the longevity of your equipment. Additionally, wet shaving with Heiniger clippers is not advisable. If you've previously used your clipper on a wet coat or submerged your blades, it's possible that the motor may have been compromised. Get in touch to discuss your repair options. 


Clipper Not Turning On

If your Heiniger Opal 2 Speed Dog Clipper fails to turn on at all, it may indicate a more serious issue:

Internal Fault:

Faults can occur due to manufacturing issues, user error, or simply due to the clippers age. If your clipper is still within the 12-month warranty period, contact us for support. If the clipper is outside of the warranty period or you suspect an internal defect, still get in touch as we offer repairs for everything we sell, and can help to diagnose your issue to get your clipper back up and running.  


We hope these troubleshooting tips help resolve any issues you encounter with your Heiniger Opal 2 Speed Dog Clipper. Should you face challenges beyond these suggestions or require further assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch. Remember, all electronic products come with a 12-month warranty period covering manufacturer defects, and we're here to help if anything goes wrong.