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Trimmer Guide: Comparing all MINI and MIDI Cordless Trimmers

Trimmers come in two sizes, MINI and MIDI, and are usually used for lighter, shorter areas of coat such as paw padsfaces and around the genitals. They are a great choice for home users just wanting to keep their dog tidy in between grooms, but don't need a high powered clipper for full body grooms. 

Most MINI Trimmers come with a fixed length blade, however most MIDI trimmers have an adjustable length blade. Midi trimmers will usually have 4 or 5 different lengths per blade, however this varies per model so its always best to check the product description if you are unsure. 


Should you get a MINI or MIDI trimmer? 

A Mini Trimmer has a blade that is roughly 30mm wide, and is great for toy breeds, or for exact work on delicate or injury prone areas. Mini trimmers usually come with a unique sized fixed length blade, and usually don't have adjustable blade lengths. The set lengths usually range from 0.2mm-0.8mm, but do check the blade length in the description of each product for the exact specifications. Due to the short blade length, these trimmers aren't recommended for shaving sanitary areas, but work great for under paw pads, between the eyes and on the lips. 

A Midi trimmer has a blade that is roughly 40-45mm wide, and sits between a mini trimmer and a full sized clipper. Midi trimmers are the most versatile, as most midi trimmers come with 4-5 adjustable blade length options. These trimmers can be used to shave the sanitary areas, under the armpits, inside the ears, in between the eyes and on the lips, and can be used for targeted knot removal. Midi trimmers aren't powerful enough for a full body shave on most dogs, however may be suitable for some puppy coats, and for very thin adult coats.

Keep reading for an in-depth look at all Mini and Midi trimmers we stock here at AllGroom. 

The following models of cordless trimmers are reviewed below:

ANDIS models: Andis Vida 5 in 1 

CODOS 4 in 1 Pet Trimmer CP-9200

HEINIGER models: Heiniger Style Midi and Heiniger Style Mini 

SHERNBAO Smart Midi Trimmer PGT560 and Waterproof Mini Trimmer PGT410

WAHL models: Wahl Harmony 5 in 1, Wahl Bravura 5 in 1, Wahl Brav Mini, Wahl Lithium-Ion ProWahl Smart Clip, and Wahl Show Pro Cordless 


Mini Trimmer Collection. From left to right: Wahl Brav Mini+ in Saphire Blue, Shernbao Waterproof Mini Trimmer in gunmetal grey, Heiniger Smart Mini Trimmer in Saphir Blue with blue and red detailing

MINI Trimmers

Heiniger Style Mini

Heiniger Style Mini Trimmer AllGroom NZ Professional Dog Grooming Groomer Salon Home Use Cat Dog Rabbit Horse Detailing

The Heiniger Style Mini is the smallest of Heiniger's trimmer range. Ideal for delicate or injury prone areas, for exact work and creative trimming, as well as toy and small breeds. 

Narrow, fixed length blade: 30mm wide with a trimming length of 0.3mm. Comes with comb attachments for coat lengths from 3mm to 6mm. Fast speed yet very quiet operation. Small and light. Just 120 grams.

Cordless run-time of up to 80 minutes from a 60 minute recharge. Rated for trimming all dog coat types, for cats, rabbits and horses. Not for full body clipping.

Comes with one blade included. Being a trimmer it has its own unique blade. Replacement blades available. Maximum coat length 6mm (using supplied comb attachments) (unless trimming free-hand).


Shernbao Waterproof Mini Trimmer

Shernbao Waterproof Mini Trimmer on its side. Colour: Dark Grey, almost black

Shernbao makes a very affordable Waterproof Mini Trimmer. Great when on a budget, and popular with home users. Very small, light and quiet. With a decibel rating of only 65dB, its quieter than a running shower. Completely waterproof for easy cleaning, and spot trimming dirty areas in the bath. Features an LED light at the head of the clipper for improved visibility in hard to reach areas. 

Ideal for trimming dogs and cats. For delicate, injury-prone areas that are difficult to trim will full size clippers. Not for full body clipping, or for thicker fur. The price reflects the quality so can't be expected to last as long as professional models which tend to cost 2 to 3 times as much. 

Comes with one blade included. Replacement blades available (the blades also cost less than other models of trimmers). Has its own unique blade. A narrow, mini-size blade, about 30mm wide, with a cutting length of 0.25mm for trimming of delicate, small, or injury-prone areas. Use free hand for any length.

LED displays battery charge level. Just under 1.5 hours charge gives 2.5 hours cordless run-time. Note this model has a USB cord not an NZ plug, so when charging, use a power brick such as your phone charger brick, or charge directly using a standard USB port on a computer, or plug in to a USB port on a power board.




Wahl BravMini+ Trimmer

Wahl BravMini+ Brav Mini Bravura Trimmer Professional Home Use Vet Clinic Dog Cat Rabbit Grooming Salon Horse Detailing AllGroom NZ Made in USA

The Wahl BravMini is a mini-size cordless trimmer, available in blue.

A small, light trimmer ideal for delicate, difficult, injury-prone areas such as paw pads. Also rated for trimming horses, such as muzzles, fetlocks and bridle path. Also used for targeted knot removal for cats and rabbits (not for full body clipping or shave-downs). Weighs 132 grams and just 14cms long (similar size in the hand to most mini trimmers).

Single-length, narrow blade about 30mm wide, leaves the coat 0.8mm. Own unique blade to fits this model. Comes with an adjustable comb included for coat lengths from 3mm up to 6mm. Longest coat length is 6mm unless used free-hand. Replacement blades available.

Rechargeable, NiMH type battery housed inside (battery is not removeable / replaceable). Up to 100 minutes cordless run-time (1 hour 40 minutes), from a 120 minute recharge. Note the NiMH battery type best fully discharged then fully recharged every use to extend battery lifetime. When in storage, best discharged and recharged fully every 3 months. LED indicator light shows you when to recharge.


 AllGroom Midi Trimmer Collection Cordless 5in1 Clippers, Shernbao, Wahl, Heiniger, Codos, Andis VIDA NZ

MIDI Trimmers

Andis Vida 5 in 1 Cordless Trimmer

Andis Vida 5in1 Cordless Trimmer in colours: Forest Green and Raspberry Pink

NEW from Andis, comes the Vida Cordless 5 in 1 Trimmer and Clipper, featuring a slim, lightweight design to help reduce hand fatigue as well as ergonomic ribbed housing to ensure grip. Available in Forest Green or Raspberry Pink. This is a midi size cordless clipper and trimmer in one that sits between a mini trimmer and full size clipper. Has a single speed of 5,500SPM, and weighs only 278 grams. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers 90 minutes of cordless run time from a 60 minute charge. Runs both corded or cordless, and charges via USB-C. 

Comes with a unique, easily adjustable 5 in 1 blade for five different coat lengths from 0.25mm to 2mm, and 6 plastic comb attachments for lengths up to 25mm. Replacement silver blades, gold coated blades and stainless steel comb attachments are available separately. 

Watch a review on the New Andis Vida 5 in 1 Trimmer here: 

Codos CP-9200 4-in-1 Pet Trimmer

Codos CP-9200 Trimmer Pet Clipper Cat Dog Rabbit Home Use Vet

Codos make a very affordable, midi-size cordless trimmer, model CP-9200. This is the newer model with the latest tech, lithium-ion battery with a longer 2 hour cordless run-time, and shorter 1.5 hour charge time than the old model. 

Model 9200 replaces the old model (CP-6800), which had a 50 minute run-time, 3 hour charge time, and old tech nickel-cadmium battery type with a shorter battery lifetime. Note; the old Codos blades and accessories do not fit the new model.

The Codos is not a full size, full rated clipper, but has a surprising amount of power for its small size and low price. More powerful than the old 6800 model. Can be used as a full-body clipper for most breeds as young puppies, before they get their adult coat. Also rated Light to Medium Duty for full-body clipping for adult dogs with lighter, thinner, easy-clip coats only. Not rated for full body clipping for all coat types, or for difficult, thicker coats. Rated for trimming for all coat types. Popular trimmer for cats, and very popular with Vets also, for clearing wound sites and targeted mat removal.

A 4 in 1 trimmer with its own adjustable blade. Does not fit standard blades or accessories. Comes with 1 blade and 2 comb attachments included, for 8 coat lengths from 1mm up to 1.2cm. Replacement blades available, made for this model only. Longest coat length possible is 1.2cms with this trimmer.





Heiniger Style Midi Trimmer

Heiniger Style MIDI midi Trimmer Professional High Quality Salon Use Home Vet Clinic Dog Cat Rabbit Grooming Horse Detailing AllGroom NZ

The Midi is the larger of Heiniger's cordless trimmer range, larger than a Mini but smaller than a full size clipper like the Saphir or Opal. The Heiniger Midi trimmer is ideal for trimming delicate or injury prone areas such as paw pads, face and sanitary trims. Like the Mini, Heiniger's Midi trimmers have that same unique holding angle for more accurate trimming with less user fatigue. Well balanced in the hand.

Medium width, adjustable length blade: 46mm wide with 4 lengths from one blade, adjustable from 0.5mm up to 2.5mm. Also comes with comb attachments  included for coat lengths 4mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm and 20mm (2cm). Fast speed yet very quiet operation. 

Cordless run-time of up to 100 minutes from a 60 minute recharge. Rated for trimming all dog coat types, for cats, rabbits and horses. Not for full body clipping except for lighter, easier coats.

Comes with one blade included. Being a trimmer it has its own unique blade. Replacement blades available. Maximum coat length 20mm (using supplied comb attachments), unless trimming free-hand.



Shernbao Smart Midi Trimmer

Shernbao Smart MIDI Trimmer Home Use for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits AllGroom NZ

The budget friendly Shernbao Cordless Smart Midi Trimmer is packed full of features. This midi size trimmer sits between a mini trimmer and a full-size clipper in both size and clipping power, so offers more options than a mini trimmer, and is lighter, quieter and more budget-friendly than a full-size cordless clipper. 

The Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery provides a long 3-hour run-time from a 2-hour recharge. Rated for trimming all coat types and breeds, and for full-body clipping for light to medium adult coat types, and all types of puppy coats. 

Included with your trimmers is unique size blade, 2 comb attachments that give you 4 different lengths, as well as starter size oil. Replacement blades for this trimmer are available, and can be found here.


Wahl Harmony 5 in 1 Cordless Trimmer 

Wahl Harmony 5 in 1 Cordless Trimmer Gold Sheen AllGroom NZ

The Wahl Harmony 5 in 1 Cordless is a clipper and trimmer combo. It has a midi sized blade, but has more power than other midi sized trimmers. Smaller, lighter & quieter than a clipper, just 275 grams. Ideal for anxious pets. Can be used corded or cordless as a full body clipper on puppies and dogs with lighter, tangle free coats, or as a powerful trimmer for dogs with thicker coats.

Lithium battery provides a 2.5 hour run-time from a 60 min recharge. The unique 5-in-1 blade replaces buying 5 separate blades, meaning you can change lengths on-the-go. Smart Monitoring LCD display shows how many minutes of cordless run-time left and sound notification for low power & clipper maintenance (cleaning, oil, malfunction.)

This clipper comes in a stunning gold sheen, and has a unique adjustable 5 in 1 blade. It also includes a starter kit with 4 stainless steel comb attachments, a cleaning brush, a full sized bottle of oil, and a carry case.

The Wahl Harmony takes unique 5 in 1 blades specific to this model, which you can find here. 


Wahl Bravura 5 in 1 Cordless Trimmer

Wahl Bravua 5 in 1 Pet Trimmer Clipper Professional Trimming Home Use for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits AllGroom NZ

The Wahl Bravura Lithium Cordless 5 in 1 in Sapphire is a lightweight cordless clipper and trimmer in one. This model sits between a mini trimmer and full size clipper, called a midi. The rechargeable lithium ion battery give you 90 minutes cordless run time from a 60 minute charge, and can be used both corded or cordless

It comes with the unique Wahl 5 in 1 adjustable blade which replaces buying 5 separate blades, meaning you can change lengths on-the-go. Smaller, lighter and quieter than a clipper, ideal for anxious pets. Weighs just 300 grams

Also comes with 6 plastic comb attachments for lengths up to 25mm, charging dock, cord, cleaning brush & small starter oil. 


Wahl Lithium-Ion Pro Cordless Trimmer

Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper Trimmer

The Wahl Lithium-Ion Cordless is a light-use clipper and trimmer combo. It has a midi sized blade, but has more power than other midi sized trimmers. Smaller, lighter & quieter than a clipper, just 245 grams. Ideal for anxious pets. Can be used corded or cordless as a full body clipper on puppies and dogs with lighter, tangle free coats, or as a powerful trimmer for dogs with thicker coats.

Lithium battery provides a 4 hour run-time from a 3 hour recharge. Precision control for adjustable blade lengths, thumb lever on front adjusts cutting length on-the-go without having to change blades. Includes unique sized blade with 4 lengths 1mm, 1.6mm, 2.2mm and 2.8mm. 4 comb attachments, for longer lengths #1: 3mm, #2: 6mm, #3: 9mm and #4: 12mm. LED light to indicate battery life. Soft zippered Wahl storage case included as well as cleaning brush, small starter oil and scissors.

The Wahl Lithium-Ion Pro takes unique 4 in 1 blades specific to this model, which you can find here. 


Wahl Smart Clip Cordless Trimmer

Wahl Smart Clip Trimmer Home Use

The Wahl Smart Clip Cordless is a light-use clipper and trimmer in one. Runs corded and cordless. Midi size unique adjustable blade with 4 lengths. Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. 3.5 hours of cordless run-time from 180 min re-charge. Also runs corded. LCD screen indicates the current battery level to ensure you know when charging is needed.

Clipper comes with 4 comb attachments, a sample sized bottle of oil, cleaning brush, and soft carry case. Currently also includes a free Wahl Nail Premium Nail Filer with the purchase of this clipper, while stocks last. 

The Wahl Smart Clip takes unique 4 in 1 blades specific to this model, which you can find here. 

Wahl Show Pro Cordless Trimmer

Wahl Show Pro Cordless Clipper Trimmer for Home Use

The Wahl Cordless Lithium Show Pro Clipper is a budget-friendly, entry-level, cordless clipper kit for light use trimming. Being the cordless version of the discontinued Wahl Show Pro, this model includes a lithium powered battery with up to 3 hours of cordless run-time from a 2 hour charge.

Kit includes a 3 in 1 adjustable blade, 4 comb attachments, small sample size bottle of oil, cleaning brush, trimming scissors, and soft storage case.

Unique replacement blades are available here