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How do comb attachments work? Will they fit my clipper?

A comb attachment clips on to the blade, not the clipper. They leave a longer coat length than the blade used by itself. Most comb attachments are universal, so fit any brand of #10 #15 or #30 blade - however we recommend only using a #10 or #15 blade, as the finer teeth of a #30 blade can be more prone to teeth damage when used under a comb.

The universal Wahl and Andis comb attachments fit all standard 'A5 type' detachable blades, including Andis, Wahl, Geib, Heiniger, Oster etc. Wahl combs fit on Andis blades and vice versa. Check the product description to see what blades a comb attachment will fit before you buy, or contact us to be sure. Your blade must be an A5 type blade. 

Important: Watch the video on the product page for the combs you buy to see how they fit on the blade. The comb attachment may otherwise appear too small at first but there's a trick to it! 

There are plastic and stainless steel comb attachments. Most plastic combs have hooks that clip them on to the base of the blade only. Stainless steel combs tend to clip on to the base and both sides of the blade, creating a firmer, more secure fit. A more secure fit reduces the risk of comb movement, especially helpful when clipping thicker, curly, or double coats, and reduces the risk of comb teeth hitting the blade teeth.

TIP: If your dog's coat is tangled, knotted or matted, always comb or brush out all knots before you clip.  Comb attachments cannot go through a knotted coat!  For particularly thick or dense coats, use a deshedding tool before clipping to remove bulk from the coat, otherwise even brand new blades may seem to 'chew' rather than cut the coat.