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How to use Groom Professional Blow Pens

Blow pens are a fun, safe and temporary way to add a pop of colour to your pets coat, and are a great first step into the realm of creative grooming. If you're on the fence if creative grooming is right for you and your dog, check out our intro guide to creative grooming here first. 

How to use Blow Pens: 

The first step is to decide which colours you will use, as well as your stencil or plan for a freehand design. Once you have your design, you can get your blow pens ready to use.

Take the cap off the blow pens and remove the felt tip from inside the pen casing. Insert the end of the felt pen into the coloured half of your blow pen, and put the clear cap over the top of the felt pen. To dispense the product, you will blow into the coloured end of the pen, and the ink will come out of the clear end. It can be a good idea to practice on a piece of paper the first time you use these.

Once you are ready to apply colour to your dog, hold the stencil firmly against the dog's coat and blow into the pen to apply the colour. Apply the colour in short bursts, building up the intensity gradually. The distance at which you hold the blow pen from the coat will determine the size and intensity of the spot of colour. Hold the blow pen further away for bulk colouring, or closer for detail work. 

If stenciled patterns or intricate designs aren't your cup of tea, you can also use the blow pens to add a splash of colour to your pups ears, tail or feet. You can use a single colour, or use multiple colours to create an ombre effect. You can do this by applying the darker colour first, brushing the colour through with a slicker, then applying the lighter colour above and blending with your slicker. You can go back and forth between colours to build intensity and create a seamless blend. There are no rules to creative grooming, so the possibilities are endless! 

Maltese Dog with Pink Ears Standing on a Pink Table in front of a Purple Wall

Are blow pens safe?

When using blow pens, it's essential to use dog-safe products. Groom Professional Blow Pens are specially formulated for use on dogs and are non-toxic and safe. They come in a range of colors, so you can create a unique and fun look for your furry friend. Overall, using blow pens is a fun and safe way to add color to a dog's coat, and with a little practice, you can create some truly amazing designs. 

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