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What is a Poodle Comb?

At first glance a poodle comb looks the same as a greyhound comb but it's the teeth length that sets them apart. Named a poodle or poodle style comb because they are so popular for wool coats, but they're also a valuable tool for any longer, fluffier, curlier, thick or denser coat like Collies.

The total comb length is typically longer than a greyhound comb also with 8” to 10” (20cm to 25cm) popular - but more importantly, the teeth are longer - around 1.5” (4cms) is typical. That allows them to reach right down to the skin even through longer, thicker, denser and knot-prone coats.

TIP: For those who find the standard 10" (25cm) version too long, you can also get poodle combs in shorter lengths, like the Resco #80 with ergonomic handle which is just 6" (15cm) to fit very comfortably in the palm, or the legendary Resco Maxi which is has combination teeth spacing and is 7" (18cm) - also with an ergonomic handle.

The teeth on a poodle comb normally go the full length of the spine, with or without a handle. Teeth may be all the same spacing, but are often an 80/20 mix, such as 80% coarse / 20% fine, but this will vary between brands and models. The shorter the total length of the poodle comb, the less likely it is to have a combination of different teeth spacing, another reason groomers and pet professionals usually own 'one of everything' so they have the perfect tool for every occasion.

What is a poodle comb used for?

Same as a greyhound comb: For everyday maintenance. For knot prevention. To reach deep down through the coat to remove knots, debris and stuck, dead coat that bristle and pin brushes miss. Also popular with groomers for use before, during and after bathing, drying, clipping and scissoring to remove knots, lift and fluff the coat for scissoring, and check for any uneven areas for a smoother finish. The finer the teeth spacing, the more tangles it will pick up, and the better it will be at lifting and fluffing the coat. Longer poodle combs - like the 10” with those long 4cm teeth - are popular for combing the coat up for scissoring.

What dog breeds and coat types is the poodle comb best for?

Recommended for wool coat breeds such as the Poodle, Bichon and wool-coat Labradoodle, as well as thicker or denser coats like Collies and Sheepdogs. For frequently groomed wool coats in particular, you may prefer an anti-stat version. The more knot-prone the coat is, the wider you'll want the teeth to be (bigger spacing between the teeth). Look for finer teeth spacing for finishing the groom, removing fine tangles after using a wider tooth comb, for close-up or fine work like the face and ears (or look for a coarse / fine, or medium / fine teeth combo).