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Can you combine two orders & refund the shipping?

Maybe! Please contact us right away to ask, as it will depend on whether your first order has been packed yet...

I've already placed two orders...

If you've already placed your second order, and your first order has not been packed yet, we can normally combine your two orders and send them together. In most cases, we can also refund the shipping on the second order. It depends what products are in your orders, so always get in touch right away to ask.  

I haven't placed the second order yet...

Before you place your second order, get in touch right away to check your first order has not been packed yet. Once packed, the shipping ticket is attached, which matches the size and weight of your order, so we wouldn't be able to add to an order that has been packed.

However, let us know fast enough, and we can put your first order aside, wait for your second order to come through, and send them together. In most cases we can refund the extra shipping depending on the products in your order. Always get in touch right away to ask and we'll confirm what we can do for you.