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Can I order an item that is out of stock?

We cannot take back-orders for products that are out of stock, and cannot offer rain-checks on the price for items that are sold out. The price shown for a product that's sold out, is the price the product last sold for. When new stock arrives, there's a chance the price may change. This depends on factors such as the supplier's price, the NZ dollar exchange rate, shipping and customs costs. 

We can't know in advance what the price will be when the next order arrives, however as soon as the product is physically here, we get them priced and back in stock as soon as we can. 

If you're waiting for a certain product to be back in stock, you can contact us to check when it's due to arrive. If you click 'EMAIL ME WHEN AVAILABLE' on the product page, and enter your email address, the website will email you as soon as it's back in stock.