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What accessories do I need with a dog dryer?

All our dryers come with a flexible hose and set of nozzles included. You can buy replacement hoses and nozzles separately also. A dryer bought as a set with a stand, will come with a rigid hose for hands-free drying also. Stands bought by themselves also come with a rigid hose included. Dryers bought by themselves come with a flexible hose only. In some models you can buy the rigid hose separately by itself, so if you want hands-free drying but you don’t want a stand, check first that you can buy a rigid hose by itself for the model you’re considering.

Dryer accessories are not universal, so Shernbao accessories only fit Shernbao dryers, and Vortex accessories only fit Vortex dryers. Note that stands and wall brackets are not universal either, the Shernbao stand for example fits 4 of the 6 Shernbao models. Their wall bracket fits 3 of their models. You can also buy flexible arm clamps that attach to your table and hold a flexible hose still for hands-free use when you don’t have a rigid hose.