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What are the different shaped dryer nozzles used for?

Professional pet dryers usually come with 2 or 3 different nozzle attachments. The most common are a cone shape (smaller, round opening), a spade and sometimes a wide spade. Find out best uses for each one below...


dog dryer nozzle types


Different groomers have their personal preferences. This is just general starter advice...

The CONE ‘opens’ the coat, ideal for compact double coats or tightly curled coats, for dematting and getting out the undercoat. The air comes out like a vortex / tornado, so it can ‘twist’ long coats, causing knots. If you notice knots or tangles, use a spade nozzle instead, or hold the cone nozzle further back from the coat, or turn down your dryer.

Use the SPADE nozzle for ‘ironing’ curly coats for an easier clip and for general drying. Also known as water strippers or standard dryer nozzles. They force out as much water as possible. They save finishing time by straightening the coat. The air comes out in a straight line, so matting is minimal.

The WIDE spade nozzle is great for longer coats prone to knotting, and for lay-flat or drop coats like the Shih Tzu or Maltese. Groomers often turn down the air force and use it as a finishing nozzle after excess water is blown off. It has less pressure making it ideal for a coat you want to lay flat, but doesn’t dry as fast as the spade.