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Should I get a dryer with or without a stand?

It’s best to decide if a stand is required before you buy your dryer, even if you don’t want a stand till later. Some models only come with stands as a set (the Vortex 5 and Vortex Dual Pro for example), so you need to buy them as a set, others you can buy the stand separately to the dryer, now or later (4 Shernbao models have the option of a stand available separately). Some models don’t come with stands at all, either as a set or separately (like the Shernbao Typhoon), so you would wall-mount them or put them on your table or stool when in use. Some models have wall brackets available (3 Shernbao models do). Keep in mind that dryer stands only fit certain dryer models. Like most dryer accessories, dryer stands are not universal.