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What are the differences between velocity, blaster, blower, fluff & finishing dryers?

Velocity dryers are also called blasters or blowers. Fluff dryers are also called finishing dryers. Velocity dryers have 2 motors and are used for an extremely fast dry time for all dogs, especially handy for thicker coats and for bigger dogs. They are also used for blowing out coat (used on wet or dry coats), for high-shed and spitz breeds.

Air speed on velocity dryers is adjustable from mid to high range. Fluff or finishing dryers are mid to low range, so can be turned down to a lower speed than a velocity dryer, and don’t go up as high as a velocity dryer.

Fluff dryers are also called finishing dryers, as they are popular for using hands-free for line brushing and straightening the coat after using a velocity dryer, for drying toy and small dogs start to finish, for puppies, and for air-pressure or noise-sensitive dogs.

TIP: Puttinga Happy Hoodie on any dog when using a dryer is highly recommended, both for protecting sensitive ears from noise, and preventing air entering the ear canal. They assist with anxiety also (you’ll normally want at least 2 sets of 1 small and 1 large hoodie, so when one’s drying the other can be in use).