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What Size Happy Hoodie do I need?

What is a Happy Hoodie?

A Happy Hoodie is a soft, expandable, fabric band with gentle compression that relieves anxiety and calms dogs during stressful situations. They are made using a soft absorbent material that helps to dry wet fur on the head and ears, but is also breathable enough to be used to aid in ear aeration. 

The noise reduction and swaddling effect of the Happy Hoodie calms upset or disagreeable pets, helps protect pets hearing, and speeds up drying time by wicking water from the ears and face. Plus, they come in multiple colour options to suit your personal preference!

Small Pink Happy Hoodie on toy sized dogLarge Purple Happy Hoodie on small-medium sized dachshund Large Black Happy Hoodie on large breed dog

What can a Happy Hoodie be used for?

Happy hoodies are most popular in grooming salons for use when blow drying, as the happy hoodie protects the dogs ears and reduces the noise to make the process as comfortable as possible. Besides this, happy hoodies come in handy in many situations, in both the home and the salon. 

The most common situations for using a happy hoodie are: 

-Blow drying
-Noisy environments
-Thunder storms
-Nail Clipping
-Car rides
-Vet exams
-Aerating the ears
-Preventing Hematomas

Large White Happy Hoodie on large sized dog in bath Large Pink Happy Hoodie on medium sized pug during dryingLarge Purple Happy Hoodie on golden retriever in bath

What size Happy Hoodie do I need?

There are 3 sizes of Happy Hoodies, which cover most dog breeds. Below is a size guideline to help you choose the right size Happy Hoodie for your furry friend. 

Happy Hoodie Size Guide. Small size for cats, toy and small breed dogs. Medium size for small-medium, medium and large breed dogs. Extra large size for extra large and giant breed dogs


Taking into consideration all dogs have slightly different head shapes and sizes, the sizing chart above is only a guideline. If you are unsure on the sizing, it is always better to size up. Slightly larger happy hoodies will still fit, however they may be more easily removed. By folding a portion of the Happy Hoodie over itself over the ears, this creates a tighter fit that will still give you the expected benefits from your Happy Hoodie.