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Why has my dryer stopped working?

The most likely cause when a dryer stops working is the carbon brushes have worn out and need replacing. Dryers brands and models will vary, but on average a dryer wears down the carbon brushes between 300 and 600 hours of use. 

Most motors have carbon brushes. Washing machines, vacuum cleaners, blenders, clippers... and dryers. The most common thing that stops a motor from working is worn carbon brushes. Replace the carbon brushes and you're usually up and running again straight away, saving you having to buy a new appliance.

Carbon brushes conduct electricity to the motor. They are made to wear down over time (that's how they pass electricity to the motor). How fast they wear down depends on a number of factors. If a motor's brushes have worn down too far, the motor will stop working until you change the brushes. In most cases you can repair your dryer & avoid buying a new one.

A common way to tell if all that's wrong is the brushes, is that the dryer doesn't run, but the dryer electrics still run. A Vortex 5 for example would have the LED display still working, but not the motor.


Purchase the required carbon brush for your brand & model of dryer. AllGroom carries some spare parts as stock items such as the Vortex Carbon Brush and the Shernbao Carbon Brush.

If you're familiar with appliances, you can change the brushes yourself. Alternatively, we recommend a professional do the job for you, like your local appliance repairer or electrician.

AllGroom certified repairer can change them for you for a repair fee (carbon brushes + $70) if you prefer to send your dryer to us. Always contact us before ordering a repair and we'll get that organised for you.