Can I change my order after I've paid for it?

If your order is still in your cart, you can remove items, change quantities, or add new items, before you complete your order. However, if you've already paid for your order, it isn't able to be edited once it's been paid for.

Please do your research before you order. Read the product description, check our help section, or get in touch with one of our team to double-check if you're unsure about anything at all. We're always happy to help, there are no silly questions, and we will only recommend products that match your needs. 

If you have placed your order, but it has not been packed yet, we may still be able to assist. Get in touch right away. Although we can't add products to your order, we can usually remove them, refund the removed product, and send the rest. 

To add more products, you'll need to place a second order. If your first order has not been packed yet, we can usually add your second order to your first, send them together, and refund the extra shipping. This will depend on what the items are in your order, and what you want added.

It's important to get in touch first to confirm we can combine a second order with your first, before you place your second order.