Geib Gator Scissor Review

The Geib Gator is a best seller across almost every type of scissor we sell. It's a very popular, Level 1 scissor, rated for home groomers, beginners and students. Considered a 'workhorse scissor' it's also used for rough work and block cuts by experienced groomers of all levels. Although not as fine or light as a finishing scissor, when budget only allows for one, the Gator is a popular choice.

Use: Tough, hard-working, budget-friendly, workhorse scissor. Traditional shape. Popular for bulk work and block cutting. Decent weight: not too heavy, not too light. Nice balance. More forgiving of rough treatment. More likely to survive knocks and drops. Suitable for even thick, dense or mixed texture coats such as ‘Doodles. Micro-serrated blade 'holds' hair for better user feedback, ideal for less experienced groomers. Save your level 2 scissors for finishing > use these first!

Blades & handle: Micro-serrated, mirror finish, convex blades made of Japanese steel. Screw tension adjustment. Symmetrical handle with 2, pink, removable finger inserts. Integrated finger rest (not removable).