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What's the difference between scissor handles?

There are variations in handle design, but in general, scissors come in two types. Either offset or symmetrical. You can see the different handle types compared in  the photo below.

The recommended way to hold most grooming scissors is by holding them with your thumb and ring finger in the finger holes - although some use their thumb and middle finger. It's well worth looking up a YouTube tutorial for the correct way to hold them so you avoid wrist & hand strain, and avoid damaging your scissors through incorrect use. Try searching on YouTube for 'correct dog scissor technique' for tutorials.

Scissor handles come in variations of 2 main types: symmetric or non-offset, or offset. Symmetric or non-offset handles means the shanks are the same length from the tension screw in the centre, to the finger holes - so the finger holes are in line. Offset handle scissors have a shorter thumb shank and a longer finger shank, which makes them more ergonomic & more comfortable to use if you hold your scissors the recommended way.

Here are a few examples below of different scissor handles, from the more symmetric Geib Gator and Witte Roseline on the left, to the offset Geib Gold ranges in Blue, Rainbow and Pink, the Geib Black Pearl and more on the right. Note that handles do vary within the same range - like these 3 different Witte Roseline examples below. Scissors shown are all different lengths, finger hole sizes & scissor types, so are not to scale.

scissor handle types comparing offset symmetrical


geib scissor handles compared