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What scissor length should I get?

4.5" to 6" are a popular length of scissor for close work around the eyes and ears, trimming feet, targeted knot removal, and between paw pads. Look for safety tip scissors for extra protection when trimming injury-prone or delicate areas.

6.5" to 7.5" are popular for trimming a variety of breeds, especially small and medium breeds. 

8" to 8.5" are the most popular size for general body work on all breeds, and for finishing.

9" and 10" the big guys are not as often purchased but valued by more experienced users and those wanting to speed up grooming time. One 'close' covers a lot more area. 

Safety tip come in a range of sizes but are more popular in smaller lengths for close-up work in delicate areas such as paw pads, the groin, around the eyes, mouth and ears. Rounded blunt end guards against accidental injury. Also called 'ball tip' scissors. 

Curved blades follow the natural contours of the dog, for angulation and for rounded heads. Very popular for the 'teddy bear' look and for naturally rounded curves. Most popular is mid lengths from 7.5" to 8.5".