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What are the scissor levels and what do they mean?

To choose the right scissors for you, first work out which level you need, then you can shop the ranges that match your level. 

Find your level of experience:

Level 1 – Robust, durable shears suited to students, beginners and home users. Also popular with professionals wanting affordable workhorse scissors that can cope with even very thick coats, for bulk work, rough work, and initial block cut-downs. Less likely to be accidentally damaged. More forgiving of knocks and drops, and for when cutting a dirty coat is unavoidable. Ideal choice for initial cut-downs before using finishing scissors. 

Level 2 – For professionals ready to invest in their tools. For those who take grooming seriously. For students and beginner groomers who have graduated, and for experienced professionals. Not recommended for home users. Require at least basic scissor knowledge as correct use is needed. More precise, finer cutting edge. Lighter. Proper scissor care is extra important at this level.

Level 3 – Specialist use shears for experienced professionals looking for the best. Elite level for grooming competitions and the show-ring. Finer, very sharp edges, shorter shanks and lighter, smoother action. You will notice the difference. Made to high standards. They need training and specialist skills as correct use is vital. Proper scissor care is a must.