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What are German Steel, Solingen Steel, Japanese 440C and Cobalt Steel?

Quality scissor manufacturers will source their steel from Germany or Japan to reach the performance level demanded by professionals.

German Steel

Tends to be very hard and durable. All Witte Roseline scissors are made from German steel for example. German Steel is known for giving a long lasting edge, creating a very hardwearing scissor.

Japanese 440C Steel

A higher density steel, making for a smoother surface, giving a finer, sharper edge that re-sharpens well. Very resistant to corrosion and has a high carbon content. The Geib range is made from Japanese 400C steel.


An alloy added to Stainless Steel that increases strength and hardness and decreases weight, resulting in a finer scissor steel. Some of the Geib range is Japanese Cobalt steel.

Solingen (pronounced ‘zo-lig-en’)

Solingen is a city in Germany – called the ‘City of Blades’ - famous for their quality of steel. Some German steel scissors, like the Witte Roseline, are made from Solingen Steel.