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What is the best shampoo for double coated dogs?

Double Coated Breeds include: 

Husky, Samoyed, Japanese Spitz, Pomeranian, Chow Chow, Akita, Corgi, Malamute, German Shepherd, Border Collie, Rough Coated Collie, Sheltie, Newfoundland, Saint Bernard, Golden Retriever, and more. 

About the Double Coat

Double coated dogs have 2 layers of fur. They have the top guard coat, and the softer undercoat that lies beneath the guard coat. The undercoat has a shorter growth cycle than the guard coat, which means the undercoat sheds much more frequently. If the undercoat is not removed when it is ready to fall out, it will fall into the coat and can create heavy, pelted matts if not removed. 

Many double coated breeds were originally bred as working dogs to work regardless of the weather conditions. The guard coat helps to protect the dogs skin against UV rays, and also prevents the undercoat from getting wet. The undercoat works as a built in temperature regulator. It helps to keep the dog cool in summer and can prevent overheating, as well as keeping them nice and warm in the colder winter months. 

A double coat has many benefits for the dog, and the right shampoo can help you reduce the amount of hair around your home. 


Choosing the right SHAMPOO 

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The main concern of many double coated dog owners is the amount of shedding around the house. Thankfully, there are a range of products that can help with this, with both Shampoo and Conditioners now having deshedding properties. Double coats are often quite resistant to water, which can make deep cleaning the coat difficult. A concentrated deep cleansing formula will have a runny consistency when diluted, and can make distributing the product easier while getting the deepest clean possible.

Choosing the right CONDITIONER 

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Double coats generally don't require heavy conditioning, as conditioner can reduce volume within the coat. Conditioner can help to close the hair cuticles after washing, which reduces the formation of mats between baths. If your dog is prone to irritation or has dry skin, conditioner will help to restore oils that may have been stripped away by the shampoo, reducing after-bath irritation. If you want to use conditioner on your double coated dog, use something light and easy to rinse that can be diluted, or one with deshedding properties. 

Best-match products for Double Coats: 


This shampoo deeply penetrates the coat. Cleansing while neutralising the ionic charge within the coat. Removes dirt, odour, excess sebum and oils. This step preps the coat for loose hair removal and is the start of the deshedding process. Can be diluted up to 10:1

The ultimate deep-cleansing, soap-free shampoo for a stinky or dirty dog. Helps return body and shine back to the coat and will not strip natural oils from the skin. Can be diluted up to 12:1

A specialist shampoo specifically developed for double coated breeds to add desired fullness, texture and body. Can be diluted 4:1

Designed to make the grooming process easier for difficult, specifically tangled or knotty coats. Natural almond oil helps to remove odours and dirt as well as matts, making combing and brushing out the coat kinder on the dog. Also aids in undercoat removal. Can be diluted 10:1

Infused with hydrolysed Wheat protein & Waratah extract for extra body and fullness, ProGroom's Volume Shampoo will revive a fine or limp coat. Contains vitamin B5 to strengthen and improve the overall health of the hair, and wheat protein to strengthen, condition, and hydrate the coat as well as smoothing, thickening and naturally adding volume. Dilute 1:4 for hand application.

A very mild, lightweight, hypoallergenic option for frequent use or for sensitive skin. Can be diluted up to 2:1

PUPPY shampoo:

Light, gentle, mild. For a puppy's first coat before adult coat comes through. Suitable for frequent use. Clean baby shampoo scent. Can be diluted 4:1.

Specifically designed for puppies and kittens and contains all the right ingredients to clean young pets without being harsh on their sensitive skin. Fragrance-free and full of mild ingredients, this shampoo leaves behind a clean and fresh coat without stripping away natural oils or irritating the skin. Great for first-timers or young pets with sensitive skin. Lathers well and rinses out easily.

COLOUR shampoo:

A colour shampoo can correct fading and bronzing of darker coats from sun damage, and help brighten and remove stains from white and paler coats. 

Our best-selling whitening shampoo for all white and paler coats. Will not bleach or damage the coat. Super White also helps control matting, tangling and fly-away hair. It adds texture and body, as well as cleaning and deodorising. Fortified with protein, it cleans thoroughly while adding life and body to the coat. Can be used neat or diluted up to 4:1.

Specialist shampoo specifically developed to intensify and highlight black, charcoal, blue and other dark coloured coats. Returns a deep, glossy black to sun-damaged, bronzed or faded coats. Dilutes 8:1 or can be used neat.

Intensifies all shades of gold, browns and chocolates, while thoroughly and gently cleaning and conditioning the coat. Special pearlescent brighteners give the hair a lustrous sheen with sparkling accents. Dilutes up to 8:1.


Release contains protein ingredients which fill in damaged or rough areas of hair cuticle making a smooth surface that permits easy release of loose coat. Advanced silicone ingredients provide slip and allow dead coat to slide out with little or no force. Can be diluted 1:3, or used neat on heavily impacted areas.

A high quality, natural dog conditioner specifically developed to help reduce shedding. This crème rinse conditioner is great for double coated and long-haired breeds to keep their shedding down. Grips loose coat and removes stubborn hair and loose undercoat during bathing to cut down on brushing and grooming as a whole. Anti-Shed Crème Rinse also removes tangles! Reduces the amount of extra brushing required for double coated or long hair breeds. The removal of loose hair decreases the chance of matting and hot spots. Rinses out quickly and film-free, leaving the coat easy to manage and with a clean, fresh smell.

Containing a unique blend of Moroccan Argan oil and conditioning agents, it rapidly penetrates the hair shaft, restoring shine and softness whilst strengthening the coat. This renewing formula is ideal for damaged coats, or those in poor condition. Can be diluted up to 10:1, or used neat for a deeper conditioning effect.


Close is a mildly acidic silicone conditioning spray that further seals the hair cuticle and promotes maximum release of tangled and collected hair within the coat. Ready to use straight from the bottle.

Speeds up dry time. Excellent detangler and brushing aid. Protects the coat from heat damage and reduces breakage from tool use on frequently brushed coats. Adds shine. Protective layer helps repel dirt and odours. Ready to use straight from the bottle. Also available as a concentrate, or 2L refill

cleans, texturizes, and deodorizes your pet’s coat without the use of water by absorbing excess moisture and oil. The product brushes out easily, leaving the coat well-groomed and fresh. Our unique grooming powder has been specially formulated for fineness and softness, as well as for brightness and absorbability. It can be used between baths, or for soiled, wet coats from weather or urine. Designed to enrich the color and natural beauty of the coat, this product is effective on all coat colors of breeds with rougher coats.

A blend of light and non-greasy oils, Yuup! Revive Intensive Oil Treatment is specially formulated to restore the most matted, dry, dull and damaged coats. Use for detangling, glossing, shortening drying time and as a heat protectant. Suitable for cats and dogs of all breeds and coat types, specifically long hair.