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How do I use a discount code?

Look for the Discount Code box, on the Shipping page when you Checkout, before you pay. The Discount Code box appears under your Order SummaryType the code into the Discount Code box, and you'll see the order will change to show the offer. Complete your order. Done! 

Trouble shooting for using discount codes...

Discount code box not showing on mobile

On the Shipping step during Checkout, click 'show order summary' if the discount code box isn't showing by default. That will show your order summary and the Discount Code box will appear.

'Code doesn't apply'

First check your order meets the requirements for the offer. There may be a minimum order value required, maximum shipping rates might apply, or a product in your order might not be valid for the offer.

Second, double-check you've entered the code correctly. Codes are not case sensitive. Codes do not have any spaces. Check things like the letter O is not the number 0 or vice versa. If you've removed any spaces, typed it in correctly, and your code still isn't working, check your order matches the conditions of the offer.