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Which bath tub is best for professional use?

A full-size tub, made of either stainless steel or a seam-free moulded plastic, are both popular for professional use. Both materials are designed to be long lasting and easy to clean to cope with frequent use. Note even stainless steel must be cleaned regularly to avoid soap scum, mould or rust (stainless steel is rust resistant, not rust proof). The concentrated Fidos Cleaner (for baths, kennels, floors, tools, toilets etc) is great for tubs (and surfaces in general), and smells lovely too. 

Consider what accessories the tub comes with. Not all tubs come with ramps or stairs, taps and other fittings, so check the description and photos before you buy. AllGroom’s Stainless Steel Tub does come with stairs and all fittings included (shower head, hoses etc). We have 3 plastic tubs, with the 2 larger Moulded Tubs the most popular for professionals. Our moulded tubs come with a ramp included for bigger dogs.

Keep in mind tubs without splashbacks don’t usually come with shower fittings included, because you typically plumb your taps and shower head to the wall near where you plan to locate your tub (they don’t need to go through the splashback). Tubs typically come with a small dog platform included, to lift little guys up, but again, check the product description (ours do include them).