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Table Guide: How to Choose Between Hydraulic, Air-Lift, or Electric Tables?

A grooming table is an essential piece of equipment in your grooming salon. Its an item that will be used daily, and can cause strain or injury over time if your table doesn't suit your needs. For professionals, we always recommend Hydraulic, Air-Lift, or Electric over Foldable options, as they offer the needed adjustability to tackle all breeds of dogs. Typically electric tables will have the widest range of heights, and for this reason are our top recommendation for professionals, if the budget allows. 

Things to consider when choosing your table:

Size and Type:

When considering the size and type of grooming table, lengths over 1 meter are the most popular, catering to dogs of all sizes. For those facing electricity constraints, hydraulic grooming tables are a viable option, although electric lift grooming tables tend to be the more popular choice. Additionally, a foldable adjustable grooming table serves as an excellent backup, folding away when not in use. Ideal for small to medium dogs and limited spaces, they provide a convenient extra surface for dryers and tools.

Note that foldable tables, while versatile, have a lower weight load capacity compared to electric and hydraulic tables, making them suitable for smaller dogs. If you opt for a foldable table, be mindful of the choice between adjustable and fixed height.

Consideration: Newer electric table models offer extra low options, with adjustable height tables going as low as 22cm for a step-up table.

Hydraulic, Electric, or Air Lift?:

Electric grooming tables, powered by electricity, offer efficient, motor-driven height adjustments through a foot pedal or touch-pad, making them ideal for those who prioritize ease of use.

Air lift tables, utilizing air pressure for height adjustments, provide a whisper-quiet and innovative grooming experience without electrical components, catering to groomers valuing a tranquil salon ambiance.

Hydraulic grooming tables, operating without electricity and relying on a pump action, ensure durability and a manual adjustment process, appealing to those who prioritize longevity and a traditional approach.

The choice among these options hinges on factors like power source availability, noise level preference, versatility, and maintenance considerations, tailored to the specific needs of each grooming salon.

Maintenance Tip: Regularly clean and dry the table to avoid rust or stains, especially for stainless steel parts.

One of the world's lowest electric lift grooming tables and the lowest we know of available in NZ. The Shernbao Low Low Electric Lift Table takes grooming to new lows & new highs! Down to just 22cm. Provides easy step-on access for pets. With all the bells and whistles, this table features built in USB/power outlets to keep clippers, trimmers and other electronics fully charged. Also includes built in clear storage drawer and metal hanging hooks.

As the name suggests, the Beaumont Super Stable Electric Lift Table is extremely stable, with added resistance to protect from tipping and wobbling. Includes lockable castor wheels. This table has the unique benefit of being very easily moved on the wheels, then lowered on to the adjustable feet for a very stable base. Height range: 49cm up to maximum 109cm. Table top size: 120 cm long x 65cm wide

Foot-operated hydraulic lift table, no electricity required. Non-slip 110cm x 60cm table top with adjustable height from 55cm up to 97cm. Very sturdy, solid steel construction. Adjustable screws on feet to allow for floor imperfections for extra stability. Minimal leg frame space required. Good choice for those who prefer to groom on a stool.

Functional and unique, the Shernbao Round Air Lift Table 60cm in Black features a 60cm table top that rotates 360°, making it possible to view the dog from any angle without having to adjust grooming arms or loops! Easy to control airlift base offers height adjustment from 70–120cm, meaning everyone can groom comfortably. Air lift mechanism uses an air pump to raise and lower, instead of the traditional heavy hydraulic pumps. Perfect for small breeds, cats and other small animals.