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How do I know what length of grooming table my dog needs?

There are two key measurements when deciding on your grooming table. The table height and the table top length. Whether you're looking at a fixed height or adjustable height table, the height should be at a level to suit both you and the dog you're grooming. You should neither be stooping over, nor stretching up in order to comfortably groom the dog, reducing back strain or arm fatigue.

For the grooming table top length: If only grooming one dog, measure between their paws when standing. That's your absolute minimum table top length, but you ideally want to allow extra for the dog to step back without stepping off the table, and extra again to put your gear down such as clippers and scissors, while keeping tools clear of the dog to reduce the risk they get knocked off the table.

For toy and smaller dogs a 60cm to 70cm table length is the general minimum. For small to medium dogs 70cm to 95cm is popular. For larger dogs or for maximum flexibility for professional use, 110cm to 120cm is the most popular seller.