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Mobile Grooming - Electric And Hydraulic Table Care

For grooming professionals, having the proper equipment is key to achieving good results while also taking care of your body. Adjustable-height grooming tables are a popular choice, making it easier to groom dogs of all sizes without overly straining yourself. Despite their advantages, electric and hydraulic tables come with their own challenges, especially when used in a mobile grooming salon. This guide will highlight the main issues you might encounter with these tables in a mobile setup, and share practical tips on how to handle them.

Contributing Factors to Potential Damage in Mobile Grooming Setups:

Vibration and Movement: Grooming vans are constantly on the move, subjecting the hydraulic or electric grooming tables to vibrations. These continuous movements can impact the stability of the tables, resulting in wear and tear on their components. Over time, this vibration-induced stress can significantly reduce the lifespan of the table.

Exposure to Environmental Elements: Grooming vans are exposed to various weather conditions, including heat, cold, and moisture. Exposure to these elements can lead to rust and corrosion, particularly in the hydraulic and electric components, affecting the table's functionality.

Improperly Secured: Proper securing of grooming tables is crucial in a mobile grooming van. Inadequate securing may lead to the tables moving around the van during transit, causing potential damage. Securing the tables firmly to the floor prevents unnecessary movement and sliding, maintaining their stability and integrity.

Weight Distribution Issues: Mobile grooming vans often encounter uneven terrains or sudden stops and turns. If the weight distribution on the grooming table is not appropriately managed, it can lead to additional stress on the hydraulic or electric mechanisms, potentially resulting in malfunctions or damage. Tables should always be lowered before traveling to the next location. 

It's important to note, issues related to the causes above will not be covered by the warranty period, as it is not classed as a manufacturers fault. To help avoid issues related to these known causes, keep reading below. 

Dog groomer grooming a yorkshire terrier on a white shernbao low low table. Suitable for mobile setup, hydraulic and electric tables professional groomer

Care Tips to Avoid Potential Issues: 

Lower the Table When on the Move: Before heading to your next appointment, lower the grooming table to its lowest point. This precaution helps prevent potential issues during transit, ensuring the table remains secure and stable.

Secure Mounting: Ensure that the grooming table is securely mounted within the grooming van to minimize vibrations during transit. Use quality mounting hardware and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for installation.

Stabilization Solutions: Consider using stabilization solutions, such as anti-vibration pads, to absorb shocks and vibrations during transit. (You can get these from your local hardware store or online). These accessories can help minimize the impact of constant movement on the grooming table.

Regular Maintenance Checks: Implement a routine schedule for maintenance checks, including inspecting bolts, hydraulics, and electrical components. Regular assessments help identify potential issues early, ensuring the ongoing reliability of the grooming table.

What Tables are Best for Mobile Salons? 

When choosing a table for your mobile salon, several factors should be taken into account. Opting for hand controls is often more favorable than foot controls in mobile setups, minimizing the risk of water damage from excess water on the floor. Additionally, prioritize a sturdy design that can be easily lowered

Foot-operated hydraulic lift table, no electricity required. Non-slip 110cm x 60cm table top with adjustable height from 55cm up to 97cm. Very sturdy, solid steel construction. Adjustable screws on feet to allow for floor imperfections for extra stability.

Stable, foldable, adjustable height, portable grooming table that folds for storage and transport. Table top measures 110cm long x 60cm wide. Legs & frame are stainless steel. Also includes a steel storage tray, grooming arm, and grooming loop. Height adjustable from 75cm to 90cm.

As the name suggests, the Beaumont Super Stable Electric Lift Table is extremely stable, with added resistance to protect from tipping and wobbling. Height range: 49cm up to maximum 109cm. Table top size: 120 cm long x 65cm wide

Easy adjust electric hand control system. Max height 111cm. Min height 70cm. Max weight load 80 kgs. Table length 110cm. Non-slip, skid resistant table top with very stable H frame. Feet adjustable to accommodate for an uneven floor. Grooming arm and loop included.

The Shernbao Low Low Electric Lift Table takes grooming to new lows & new highs! Down to just 22cm. That's just 8.5 inches! Provides easy step-on access for pets. Fantastic for oldies, large & giant breeds, dogs with arthritis & restricted movement.