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Clipper Review: Comparing all CORDLESS dog and horse clippers

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  • With so many cordless models to choose from these days it can get a bit overwhelming working out what the differences are, and which cordless clipper is right for you.

    We review all the best selling cordless clippers below to help you choose the best match for your needs, whether you're a professional groomer clipping 5 dogs a day 5 days a week, trimming one dog at home between going to the groomer, or looking for a cordless clipper model rated for horses.

    All the following models of cordless clippers and trimmers are reviewed below:

    ANDIS models: Pulse ZR II, eMERGE, beSPOKE, and Vida 5 in 1 

    HEINIGER models: Xplorer Pro, Opal, Saphir

    WAHL models: Harmony 5 in 1, Bravura 5 in 1

    Before you start

    Before you jump in, keep in mind clippers and trimmers are NOT the same.

    Clippers come in 4 levels. Light use, medium duty, heavy duty, and super duty. Super duty being the top level, telling you the clipper would be rated for all coat types including wool, fleece, double, non-shed, matted and more. Some super duty level clippers are also rated for horses.

    5 in 1 Clippers sit between a clipper and a trimmer. They are not as powerful as a full sized clipper, so are not suitable for full body clipping on thick coats, however can be used as a clipper for very thin, light coats. We have included our most powerful 5 in 1 Clipper/Trimmers in this list, as they are suitable as full body clippers for puppies, cats and rabbits, and can be used on some breeds of dogs with lighter, thinner coats.  

    Andis Clippers


    Andis Pulse ZR II - Cordless 

    This is the best selling, highest rated cordless clipper Andis makes. Available in original Black as well as the unique Galaxy and Flora colourways. A unique 5 speed model for maximum user control. Same, fast, top speeds as a standard 2 speed clipper, plus 3 additional lower speeds for delicate, sensitive or injury prone areas. The lower speeds give the added benefit of reduced blade heat up, quieter running and reduced vibration, which is great when leaning to groom and when working with puppies, seniors or anxious pets.

    Rated Super Duty for all dog coat types. Also rated for horses and cattle. Batteries are lithium-ion, removable and replaceable. Comes with 2 batteries and a hard carry case included. Each battery has up to 3 hours cordless run-time (depending on speed selected), from a 2 hour recharge. At the base of each battery there's a charge indicator light, so you don't get a surprise and run-out of charge mid-clip!

    The charging station charges batteries individually, or the entire clipper. Comes with hard-sided storage carry case with handle and moulded compartments inside for storage and transport. 

    A5 model that fits the widest range of blades and accessories. Comes with one #10 blade or #40 blade (#40 blade included with Vet Pack only).

    Fits all brands of standard blades, from size #50 to #3, for coat lengths under 1mm to over 1cm, available separately. Fits all brands of universal comb attachments for coat lengths under 3mm to over 3cms, available separately. Also compatible with wide A5 horse and livestock blades, including the popular T10 and T84 horse blades, available separately.



    Andis beSPOKE NEW Cordless Clippers 2 Speed Wireless Charging fast shipping lowest price NZ buy


    Andis beSPOKE

    Introducing the Andis beSPOKE 2 Speed Cordless Clipper, a groundbreaking addition to the pet grooming industry and tribute to 100 years of Andis. This innovative clipper features wireless charging technology via a versatile charging mat, allowing effortless charging between appointments. Plus, the mat can charge other compatible devices, including your mobile phone! This clipper features a lighter weight, smaller, sleeker ergonomic shape with a non-slip finish for less strain on the hands and wrists. It's dual-speed powerful rotary motor can handle all coat types, even the toughest of mats.

    The beSPOKE clipper extends grooming time and includes 2 batteries with 90 minutes of runtime each, complete with an LED light battery indicator telling you when to charge. Features a push-button power switch with travel lock security. Complete with 2 batteries, Andis CeramicEdge #10 blade, 4 stainless steel comb attachments (4: 6mm, 1: 13mm, A: 19mm, E: 25mm), wireless charging mat and adapter, charging mat cover, replacement blade drive, (small) oil, cleaning brush, and soft shell zippered carry case.



    Andis eMERGE Super Duty Professional Clipper Single Speed Lowest Price Professional A5 model cordless clipper, available in purple or dusky blue NEW

    Andis eMERGE

    Introducing the Andis eMERGE Single Speed Clipper – the ultimate companion for groomers who demand both power and convenience without sacrificing comfort. With its convertible corded or cordless design, you have the flexibility to groom with ease, whether you're in the salon or on the go.

    Crafted for control and comfort, the eMERGE features an ergonomic shape that reduces hand strain, allowing you to groom for longer without fatigue. From curly coats to long fur, this clipper effortlessly tackles any coat type with its single-speed Super-Duty motor.

    No need to worry about interruptions – the powerful lithium-ion battery provides up to 1.5 hours of runtime from just a 60-minute charge, keeping you productive even on your busiest days. If your clipper does run flat, fear not! Just plug it in and continue clipping thanks to the cordless/corded operation. 

    Comes with #10 blade included (1.5mm). A5 model clipper: fits all brands of standard A5 blades from blade size 50 to 3, under 1mm to over 1cm (available separately), and fits all universal comb attachments for coat lengths from under 3mm to over 3cm (available separately). Available in Blue or Purple. 





    Andis Vida 5 in 1 - Cordless Trimmer/Clipper

    NEW from Andis, comes the Vida Cordless 5 in 1 Trimmer and Clipper, featuring a slim, lightweight design to help reduce hand fatigue as well as ergonomic ribbed housing to ensure grip. Available in Forest Green or Raspberry Pink. This is a midi size cordless clipper and trimmer in one that sits between a mini trimmer and full size clipper. Has a single speed of 5,500SPM, and weighs only 278 grams. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers 90 minutes of cordless run time from a 60 minute charge. Runs both corded or cordless, and charges via USB-C. 

    Comes with a unique, easily adjustable 5 in 1 blade for five different coat lengths from 0.25mm to 2mm, and 6 plastic comb attachments for lengths up to 25mm. Replacement silver blades, gold coated blades and stainless steel comb attachments are available separately. 

    Watch a review on the New Andis Vida 5 in 1 Trimmer here: 


    Heiniger Clippers


    Heiniger Xplorer Pro Livestock & Equine Clipper

    Heiniger Xplorer Pro - Equine and Livestock Cordless Clipper

    The new and improved version of Heiniger's best selling Xplorer Equine Clipper. The all new Heiniger Xplorer Pro Cordless Clipper is ideal for professional horse and cattle clipping. With even more power than the Xplorer, the Xplorer Pro has 2 speed settings of 2450 and 2900 double strokes per minute and an integrated shearing pressure indicator. Also lighter than the original Xplorer, (weighing just 975 grams) and quieter. The first clipper to date to include a patented tension indicator which provides more precise clipping than ever before and extends the clipper’s life. Due to it's unique double gear wheel, power is optimally transferred from the motor to the clipper head, providing low vibration. Very powerful, long-life 10.8v Lithium-ion rechargeable battery to deliver 120 minutes of clipping time per battery from a 90 minute recharge.

    Comes complete with: Xplorer Pro cordless clipper with wrist loop, 2x 10.8v Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries with LED power indicator, 35F/23 standard horse and cow blade set, hard-sided storage carry case, charging dock, power pack with NZ plug, full size oil, Heiniger screwdriver (for easy blade changes), cleaning brush, detailed operating instructions.

    Clipper comes with adjustable 35F/23 (1-2mm) blade. Other blade sets available separately. 


    Heiniger Opal - Cordless

    Heiniger's latest cordless A5 clipper. Available in a turquoise blue design. The Heiniger Opal is a 2 speed cordless clipper with a new-tech brushless motor. Like other brushless motor clippers, that makes it lighter and quieter, and the motor runs cooler with less vibration. The Opal weighs 415 grams.

    Rated Super Duty for all dog coat types. Also rated for full body clipping and trimming for horses. Cordless battery run-time of up to 4 hours (on low), and up to 3 hours (on high), with a 60 minute charge time.

    Comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable, removable, replaceable battery. Available with 1 battery, or with 2 batteries and hard carry case

    A5 model that fits the widest range of blades and accessories. Comes with one size 10 blade included.

    Fits all brands of standard blades, from size #50 to #3, for coat lengths under 1mm to over 1cm, available separately. Fits all brands of universal comb attachments for coat lengths under 3mm to over 3cms, available separately. Also compatible with wide A5 horse and livestock blades, available separately. 




    Heiniger Saphir - Cordless

    Heiniger's most well-known cordless clipper for dogs. Available in purple. The Heiniger Saphir is a single speed clipper. High torque yet lower speed to handle difficult coats but with slower blade heat up.

    Rated Super Duty for for all dog coat types. Also rated for full body clipping for horses. Cordless battery run-time of 1.5 hours / 90 minutes, with a 60 minute charge time.

    Available with 1 battery, or with 2 batteries and case included. Both options come with one size 10 blade included. If you start with the Saphir with 1 battery, extra Saphir batteries are available for separate purchase later.

    A5 model that fits all brands of standard blades, from size #50 to #3, for coat lengths under 1mm to over 1cm, available separately. Fits all brands of universal comb attachments for coat lengths under 3mm to over 3cms, available separately. Also compatible with wide A5 horse and livestock blades, available separately. 


    Wahl Clippers



    Wahl Harmony 5 in 1 Cordless Clipper and Trimmer 

    The Wahl Harmony 5 in 1 Cordless is a clipper and trimmer combo. It has a midi sized blade, but has more power than other midi sized trimmers. Smaller, lighter & quieter than a clipper, just 275 grams. Ideal for anxious pets. Can be used corded or cordless as a full body clipper on puppies and dogs with lighter, tangle free coats, or as a powerful trimmer for dogs with thicker coats.

    Lithium battery provides a 2.5 hour run-time from a 60 min recharge. The unique 5-in-1 blade replaces buying 5 separate blades, meaning you can change lengths on-the-go. Smart Monitoring LCD display shows how many minutes of cordless run-time left and sound notification for low power & clipper maintenance (cleaning, oil, malfunction.)

    This clipper comes in a stunning gold sheen, and has a unique adjustable 5 in 1 blade. It also includes a starter kit with 4 stainless steel comb attachments, a cleaning brush, a full sized bottle of oil, and a carry case.

    The Wahl Harmony takes unique 5 in 1 blades specific to this model, which you can find here. 



    Wahl Bravura Sapphire Blue

    Wahl Bravura 5 in 1 Cordless Trimmer/Clipper

    The Wahl Bravura Lithium Cordless 5 in 1 in Sapphire is a lightweight cordless clipper and trimmer in one. This model sits between a mini trimmer and full size clipper, called a midi. The rechargeable lithium ion battery give you 90 minutes cordless run time from a 60 minute charge, and can be used both corded or cordless

    It comes with the unique Wahl 5 in 1 adjustable blade which replaces buying 5 separate blades, meaning you can change lengths on-the-go. Smaller, lighter and quieter than a clipper, ideal for anxious pets. Weighs just 300 grams

    Also comes with 6 plastic comb attachments for lengths up to 25mm, charging dock, cord, cleaning brush & small starter oil. 

    Just the Specs

    Lastly, here are the specifications compared. 

    AllGroom Clipper Comparison Chart Andis Wahl Heiniger Oster Lister Joyzee Shernbao Dog Grooming Clippers Speed Specifications NZ


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