What comb attachments fit on my clipper?

Before buying comb attachments you need to check 2 things. 1: If your clipper is an A5 model and 2: What blade size you have. First, check if your clipper is on the clippers list. If it says YES by your clipper, you have an A5 model clipper. 

The second thing to check is what blade size you have. If your blade is a size 10 or size 30, and your clipper is an A5 model, then any universal comb attachment by any brand will fit. Look at the face of your blade. It should have a big '10' or '30' etched on it. 

If you're a beginner groomer, once you receive your comb attachments, watch the matching video to see how to fit a comb attachment on your blade. It's also worth reading how to use comb attachments before the first use.

Important: Suppliers do change their product specifications from time-to-time. This is general advice only. Always read the information specific to the comb attachments you're buying, on the product page, before you order.