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Dryer guide: How to compare and choose the right dryer

AllGroom currently stocks 10 models of dryers across 2 brands: Vortex and Shernbao. Each dryer offers different levels, features and benefits to match your grooming needs. From handheld and fluff dryers, to stand dryers and high velocity blasters. Here’s a run-down of each model, what they are used for, and help comparing and choosing the best match for your needs. Also see Dog dryer terms & tips you need to know before you buy >


Velocity dryers

Also called blowers, blasters or forced-air dryers


What you use them for

These are twin-motor, powerful, higher-output dryers for very fast dry times for all breeds. Also for straightening curly coats, for hard-to-dry thicker, double coats, for blowing coats for seasonal shedders (popular for Spitz breeds), for loosening knots,  and for removing stuck, dead coat.

A velocity level dryer tends to have an airflow range around 100 (low) to 300 (high) CFM (cubic feet per minute) or higher. The Vortex Dual Pro and Shernbao Typhoon are the best sellers and the largest. A more compact velocity dryer is also available. A fluff dryer by comparison might have a maximum speed similar to a velocity dryer's minimum speed.


Velocity dryer models

Vortex Dual Pro model velocity dryer for dog groomers shown on stand with flexible hose

Vortex Dual Pro

Red housing. Comes with stand only (stand and dryer not available for purchase separately, only together). Twin motors. 3 heat levels: off, low or high. Dial for adjusting blow force. Weighs 7.5kgs (used on stand with lockable wheels). Max power 2,600 watts. Max blow force 78 m/s (metres per second). Flexible hose expands up to 3 metres on max. Flexible hose and nozzles included.

Vortex Dual Pro >


Shernbao Typhoon dual motor dog grooming dryer with flexible hose shown on plain white background

Shernbao Typhoon

Highest rated velocity dryer in our range. Red housing. Comes without stand only. Twin motors. Heat on or off. Dial for adjusting blow force. Weighs 6.7kg. Max power 3,000 watts. Max blow force 320 CFM. Flexible hose expands to 2.5 metres on max. Comes with flexible hose and nozzles.

Shernbao Typhoon >


Shernbao Super Blaster velocity dryer with flexible hose

Shernbao Super Blaster

Also a twin motor dryer, but motors are smaller and in tandem, not side-by-side, creating a more compact, smaller housing than the Typhoon. Graphite (dark grey) housing. Stand available separately. Stand comes with hands-free hose. No heater with this model. Air is naturally warmed by passing over the motor, so gets warmer as you run it. Dial for adjusting blow force. Weighs 6kgs. Max power 2,400 watts. Max airflow 300 CFM.  Dryer comes with flexible hose and nozzles.

Shernbao Super Blaster >

Shernbao Stand >


Stand / Fluff Dryers

What fluff dryers are used for

Stand dryers, also known as fluff dryers, can be used by themselves to take a coat from wet to dry, or to finish drying after using a velocity / blaster dryer first. Some are borderline velocity dryers (their top speed is around the bottom speed of a velocity dryer), but can be turned down and used hands-free. They are popular for anxious or overly noise or air-pressure sensitive dogs, and for using hands-free for line-brushing, fluff drying, and straightening.

Fluff dryers either come with a stand, or you can order a stand separately. They can be used hands-free with a rigid hose, or with no hose on. A rigid hose has smooth sides and a directional nozzle for controlled, directional air flow and reducing coat whipping.

A stand / fluff dryer allows for line-brushing while drying, as well as fluff drying against the direction the coat grows to lift the coat and add texture as you dry. Note that stands are not normally universal fit, so stand and dryer brands need to match. Twin motor and single motor dryers tend to need different stands.

Fluff / stand dryer models

Vortex 5 dog grooming dryers shown in in pink on the vortex stand with rigid hands free hose fitted and also shown in purple by itself with the flexible hose and nozzle attached

Vortex 5

Shares the #1 spot with the Shernbao Super Cyclone model for our best-selling fluff dryer, but different specs. Purple or candy pink metal housing with black detailing. Available with  or without a stand. Stand comes with rigid, hands-free hose. Hands-free hose also available separately.

Single motor dryer. 5 heat settings. 5 air speed settings. Heat can be controlled independently from air speed (eg: can be used with a high heat combined with low air speed). Weighs 6.5kgs. Max power 2,200 watts. Max air speed 150 CFM. Blow force 50 m/s. Dryer comes with flexible hose and nozzles.

Vortex dryers >



Shernbao Super Cyclone dryer in dusky pink and turquoise colours shown by themselves with a flexible hose and nozzle fitted and shown on a dryer stand with a rigid hands free hose fitted

Shernbao Super Cyclone

Shares the #1 spot with the Vortex 5 for our best-selling fluff dryer. A dusky rose-pink or bright turquoise plastic clam-shell (double-layer) housing, with grey detailing. Available with or without a stand. The Shernbao stand is also available separately. Stand comes with rigid, hands-free hose.

Single motor dryer. Dial air speed control for more control over air force. Heater on or off. Heat adjusts to match air speed (higher speed = warmer air). Air also warmed by the motor the longer it’s in use. Weighs 4.7kgs. Max power 2,600 watts. Max airflow 180 CFM. Blow force 90 m/s. Dryer comes with flexible hose and nozzles.

Shernbao dryers >

Shernbao stand >


 Shernbao Blaster dryer with stand option shown also

Shernbao Blaster

One of the most powerful single motor dryers. Black plastic clam-shell (double layer) housing, with red handle and controls. Stand available separately. Stand comes with hands-free hose. Single motor dryer. Heat on or off. Dial for air flow adjustment. Weighs 5.2kgs. Max power 2,800 watts. Max airflow 250 CFM (cubic feet per metre). Blow force 95 m/s. Dryer comes with flexible hose and nozzles.

Shernbao Blaster >

Shernbao stand >


Home use, portable & handheld dryers

A handheld dryer is not only for home users. They also provide groomers with maximum control for close-up work and line brushing without the weight or size of managing a flexible hose. Good for spot-drying tricky areas such as feet, around the ears and legs. Small and compact, easy to store, but with much faster dry time compared to a human handheld hairdryer.

Shernbao and Vortex both make handheld models. Shernbao also makes a dryer model for home users – called the Shernbao Cyclone – when faster dry times are needed than a handheld can offer. The Cyclone is also a popular option for those that show their dogs as it is much more powerful than a handheld dryer, while still being a travel friendly size, and has lower wattage for caravans and mobile homes. 



Shernbao Cyclone

A popular model for home users and dog show exhibitors. A small unit with enough power to significantly reduce dry time compared to towels and a human or handheld dryer. Coloured housing comes in either periwinkle blue or bubblegum pink, both with white detailing on the handle and control panel. Fits the Shernbao dryer stand (available separately). Stand comes with rigid hands-free hose. Heat on or off. Dial for air flow adjustment. Weight 4.2kgs. Max power 1,800 watts. Max airflow 140 CFM. Blow force 80 m/s. Dryer comes with flexible hose and nozzles.

Shernbao dryers >

Shernbao stand >


Shernbao Handheld

White housing with black detailing. 2 levels of heat, 2 air speed settings. From 1,800 to 2,000 watts. 2 nozzles included.

Shernbao handheld >


Vortex Handheld

Berry purple housing. 2 heat settings. 2 air speed settings. Max power 2,200 watts. 1 nozzle included.

Vortex handheld >