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Dryer guide: How to compare and choose the right dryer

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  • AllGroom currently stocks 16 models of dryers across 3 brands: Vortex, Shernbao and MetroVac. Each dryer offers different levels, features and benefits to match your grooming needs. From handheld and fluff dryers, to stand dryers and high velocity blasters. Here’s a run-down of each model, what they are used for, and help comparing and choosing the best match for your needs. Also see Dog dryer terms & tips you need to know before you buy >

     MetroVac Dryer being used on a Spoodle

    Velocity Dryers

    Also called Blowers, Blasters, or Forced-Air dryers

    Velocity dryers are powerful, higher-output dryers that "blast" water from the coat for very fast drying times. The high-speed airflow helps remove excess water, separate tangled fur strands, straighten the coat, remove stuck undercoat, and fluff the coat for a clean and attractive appearance.

    Single Motor vs. Dual Motor: Exploring the Options

    Pet velocity dryers come in two main variations: single motor and dual motor.

    • Single Motor Dryers: These models are equipped with a single motor responsible for generating the airflow. They tend to be quieter and more compact, making them suitable for home use and for pets that might be sensitive to noise.

    • Dual Motor Dryers: Dual motor dryers, as the name suggests, incorporate two motors for enhanced power. These dryers are more robust and can dry the pet's coat even faster. However, they are generally louder and are often favored by professional groomers who require heavy-duty equipment. As dual motor dryers have two motors, they will also require two sets (so 4 total) of carbon brushes when they eventually need replacing. 

    Ideal CFM Range: The Power Behind the Dryer

    When shopping for a pet velocity dryer, the cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating is a crucial factor to consider. CFM measures the volume of air the dryer can blow out per minute, and it directly influences the drying efficiency.

    A recommended CFM range is between 130 and 400 CFM. Higher CFM values signify greater airflow power, which translates to faster and more effective drying. Depending on your pet's size and coat thickness, you can choose a dryer within this range to ensure optimal performance.

    It's worth noting that when comparing CFM ratings, the hose width plays a crucial role in the calculation. A narrower hose leads to a lower CFM rating, yet this doesn't necessarily equate to reduced power. MetroVac dryers, for instance, have narrower hoses compared to Shernbao and Vortex models, resulting in lower CFM calculations while still delivering impressive power. As hose sizes differ across brands, comparing specifications becomes challenging. Therefore, we recommend assessing airflow relative to other dryers within the same brand to gauge its power compared to models with similar hose sizes.   

    Single Motor Velocity Dryer Models: 

    The single motor design of the Shernbao Blaster Dryer delivers an impressive airflow that effectively dries your pet's coat in no time, with an impressive max airflow of 250CFM. This dryer is ideal for pet owners who value a quieter grooming experience without compromising on performance. The integrated heating element adds an extra layer of comfort to your pet's drying session. The gentle warmth helps relax your pet while promoting faster drying and straightening of the coat for an effortless styling experience. Tailor the drying process to your pet's specific needs. With a fully adjustable airflow dial and an on/off heat setting, you have complete control over the intensity and temperature of the air, ensuring a personalized and comfortable grooming experience. For space saving and portability purposes, pair this dryer with the matching wall mount or dryer stand for the most convenience.

    Precision and control are at your fingertips with the Air Force Commander 2 Speed Dryer. This versatile tool boasts two-speed settings, allowing you to customize airflow to suit specific grooming needs. Whether it's a delicate touch for sensitive areas or a burst of power for a thorough drying session, this dryer has you covered with an air speed of up to 130CFM. This dryer uses lukewarm (no heat) airflow heated by the engine to effectively blow water from dog's coat. Its lightweight design and ergonomic handle enhance maneuverability, enabling you to achieve flawless results with ease. Dual mounted legs allow the dryer to be used vertically or horizontally, so it can be used as a table or floor dryer. The handle makes it easy to carry, while the long and flexible 3m hose, wheels and 3 different nozzles (air concentrator, air flare and rake) make it even more comfortable to use. Available in Original Orange, Pink or Purple. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Commander 2 Speed Dryer is a testament to MetroVac's commitment to grooming excellence.


    The Air Force Blaster Dryer redefines the concept of power and performance. Its robust motor delivers an astonishing airflow rate of 130CFM, drastically reducing drying times for even the fluffiest coats. In addition to its 2 stage dual fan motor, this dryer features variable speed control, a 10 foot heavy duty commercial hose, neoprene blower nozzle, air flare, and a 12 foot conductor cord to give you maximum mobility. Despite its remarkable power, this dryer operates with a surprisingly low noise level, ensuring a stress-free grooming experience for your furry friends. Extremely durable and impact resistant thanks to it's sturdy metal housing. Proudly made in the USA.

    Efficiency meets innovation with the Air Force Blaster Radiance Dryer. Equipped with a built-in heater and wall mount feature, this dryer is a game-changer for groomers seeking quick drying times and space optimization. The variable temperature and speed controls ensures optimal drying conditions for various coat types, while the wall mount frees up valuable floor space in your grooming area. Easy to clean filter opens by unscrewing the back flap with a butterfly screw. With a max airflow of 229CFM and a max temperature of 60°C, this dryer provides a safe yet efficient drying experience. Extremely durable and impact resistant thanks to it's sturdy metal housing. Proudly made in the USA.

    Experience the epitome of grooming excellence with the Shernbao Super Cyclone Dryer with Heater. This dryer has a dual-layer housing, available in vibrant turquoise, accentuated by sleek grey detailing. It's available as a stand alone dryer, with the option to acquire the Shernbao stand and separately for added convenience and hands-free drying. The stand arrives complete with a rigid, hands-free hose that enhances your grooming process. Engineered with a single motor, the Shernbao Super Cyclone Dryer with Heater offers impeccable control over air force. The air speed dial provides you with the ability to tailor the drying experience to your preference. The integrated heater can be toggled on or off, dynamically adjusting to match the selected air speed, ensuring that higher speeds are accompanied by warmer air. With a maximum temperature of 45°C, and a max airflow of 180CFM, the Shernbao dryer ensures a comfortable and effective drying process. Moreover, the air is naturally warmed by the motor the longer it's in use, maintaining an optimal drying environment.

    Dual Motor Velocity Dryer models:

    Get ready to be amazed by the Air Force Master Blaster Dryer's incredible drying abilities! Engineered to perfection, this dryer offers a blend of power and precision that sets new standards in the grooming industry. The twin-motor design delivers an exceptional airflow rate of 400CFM, making it the most powerful dryer we stock. Just flip the switch and this high-speed dual motor dryer literally "blasts" water off the wettest dogs fast and efficiently. You can choose to have one or both motors running, then adjust the speed accordingly to the requirements of your clients. No heating element ensures you dry the coat, without damaging it. Powerful when you need it and gentle when you don't, it's the perfect tool for all your furry clients, big or small, long hair or short. It includes everything you need for quick and efficient drying services: a heavy duty 3 meter commercial hose, neoprene blower nozzle, air-flare and a 12 foot conductor cord. All steel construction that's proudly made in the USA provides ultimate durability and years of trouble-free use. 

    The Shernbao Typhoon Dryer is designed to deliver powerful and precise airflow, making the drying process faster and more effective. With a max blow force of 320 CFM, its dual motor configuration ensures that your pet's coat is dried thoroughly while maintaining a comfortable and stress-free experience for both you and your furry companion. The integrated heating element introduces gentle warmth, creating a soothing and pleasant atmosphere for your pet during the grooming session. Tailor the drying experience to your pet's needs with adjustable airflow and heat settings. This flexibility ensures that your pet is comfortable and relaxed, regardless of its coat characteristics. For added convenience, pair this dryer with the matching dryer stand or wall mount.

    Introducing another exceptional dryer - the Shernbao Super Blaster. Unlike the Typhoon, the motors in this model are positioned in tandem, creating a sleek and more compact housing. Its elegant graphite (dark grey) housing adds a touch of style to your grooming setup. While this version doesn't include a heating element, it's cleverly designed to naturally warm the air as it passes over the motor during operation. This means that the air gradually warms up as you use it, ensuring your pet's comfort during the entire drying process. Adjusting the blow force is a breeze with the handy dial, allowing you to tailor the experience to your pet's needs. Weighing in at just 6 kilograms, this dryer remains light and manageable without sacrificing power. Speaking of power, this model packs a punch with a maximum airflow of 300 cubic feet per minute (CFM), ensuring thorough drying for even the most luxurious coats. For added convenience, pair this dryer with the matching dryer stand or wall mount

    The dual motor setup ensures a robust and consistent airflow that rapidly dries even the thickest coats. This feature makes the Vortex Dual Pro Dryer an excellent choice for both professional groomers and pet owners with multiple pets. The integrated heating element provides gentle warmth, contributing to a relaxing and comfortable grooming experience for your pet. The heat not only aids in drying but also contributes to a straighter coat, which provides the prefect canvas for a great groom. Customize the grooming session to your pet's specific needs with the adjustable airflow and heat settings. Features 3 heat levels: off, low or high, and a dial for adjusting the blow force, with a max speed of 78 m/s (metres per second). This versatility allows for optimal comfort and effectiveness, regardless of your pet's coat type. The included stand offers a convenient and secure way to position the dryer during grooming sessions, adding to the overall usability and convenience. 

    Stand / Fluff Dryers

    What fluff dryers are used for

    Stand dryers, often referred to as fluff dryers, are invaluable tools that can revolutionize your pet grooming routine. These dryers serve various purposes, from completely drying a wet coat, finishing off the face and feet, to achieving a perfect finish, stand dryers excel in versatility. They can serve as stand-alone tools to completely dry a coat, or as finishing touches after using a velocity or blaster dryer. Some stand dryers teeter on the edge of velocity dryer capabilities, offering high-speed airflows that can be dialed down for hands-free use. This adjustability is particularly beneficial for dogs sensitive to noise or air pressure, making the grooming experience more relaxed and pleasant. One of the standout advantages of stand dryers is their ability to facilitate line-brushing while drying. This combination enhances efficiency and grooming quality by ensuring a well-groomed appearance during the drying process, and helps to straighten the coat for a perfect grooming canvas. Additionally, fluff drying against the direction of coat growth lifts the coat and adds desirable texture while drying, resulting in a beautifully groomed pet.

    Fluff dryers are available with integrated stands or can be purchased separately, depending on the model. The flexible configurations allow for hands-free operation with a rigid hose, or for initial blasting using the flexible hose. Rigid hoses feature smooth sides and directional nozzles, enabling controlled and directed airflow that minimizes coat whipping. It's essential to note that stands aren't universally compatible, necessitating the alignment of stand and dryer brands. Depending on whether you're using twin motor or single motor dryers, the requirements for stands can vary, further emphasizing the importance of the right match.

    Fluff / stand dryer models

    For those who aspire to take their grooming endeavors to the next level, the Top Gun Stand Dryer with Heater is a remarkable choice. This professional-grade dryer offers unparalleled drying efficiency and versatility. The adjustable stand allows you to position the dryer at the perfect height, minimizing strain during grooming sessions. The variable speed and heat controls give you full command over the level of blowing power and heat used. It allows you to set the strength of the dryer through several different controls, creating a customized grooming experience tailored to each pet’s individual needs. With its powerful motor giving a max airflow of 234CFM and integrated heater, you can achieve salon-quality results in record time. Extremely durable and impact resistant thanks to it's USA made sturdy metal housing that comes in a matte black finish.

    Unveil the power of the Vortex 5, a single motor dryer that captures attention with its enchanting purple or candy pink metal housing, embellished with sophisticated black detailing. Choose your grooming preference by opting for this dryer with or without its convenient stand. For those seeking a hands-free solution, the stand is equipped with a rigid hose that adds a touch of seamless efficiency. Additionally, the hands-free hose is also available as a standalone option.
    Driven by a single motor, the Vortex 5 offers an array of features tailored to enhance your grooming experience. Delight in the freedom of 5 distinct heat settings and 5 air speed settings, each capable of independent control. This versatility empowers you to curate your drying process, allowing combinations like high heat with low air speed. Balancing power and ease of use, this dryer weighs a manageable 6.5 kilograms, with an impressive maximum air speed of 150 cubic feet per minute (CFM).

    Introducing the Shernbao Anionic Brushless Dryer with Heater + Stand, a powerful and low-maintenance grooming tool designed for top-notch performance. Featuring SmartCare temperature controls and tourmaline brushes that emit negative ions, it tames unruly hair and straightens curly coats while reducing frizz. The LED screen displays wind speed and temperature, with memory settings for convenience. The dryer and nozzle offer 360° rotation and 90° angle adjustment for versatile grooming. The heavy-duty Japanese motor operates quietly at 58 dB, with automatic synchronization to prevent overheating. The Mica heating element includes a thermal overload cutout for safety. With its exceptional airflow and innovative features, this dryer ensures efficient and comfortable grooming sessions for all breeds.



    Home-use, Portable & Handheld Dryers

    Handheld dryers aren't exclusively reserved for home users; they also hold immense value for grooming professionals seeking ultimate control in their craft. These compact devices offer groomers a level of control that's invaluable for close-up work and line brushing, all without the bulk or weight associated with managing a flexible hose. Their capabilities extend to spot-drying intricate areas like paws, ears, and legs, where precision is paramount.

    Whether you're a professional groomer looking to perfect intricate details or a pet owner aiming to expedite drying without sacrificing precision, handheld dryers provide the ideal balance of control, convenience, and efficiency. Embrace the versatility of these compact tools to elevate your grooming experience to new heights.

    The model of choice for home users, pets on the road, and dog show exhibitors, this compact powerhouse offers remarkable efficiency. Its modest size belies its significant drying capabilities, substantially reducing drying time when compared to traditional towels or standard handheld dryers. Available with a periwinkle blue housing, with crisp white detailing on the handle and control panel, this model adds a vibrant touch to your grooming routine. Designed to effortlessly integrate into your grooming setup, it seamlessly fits the Shernbao dryer stand, available separately. The stand is accompanied by a rigid, hands-free hose, delivering a hands-free convenience that streamlines the grooming process. Versatility is at your fingertips with the option to toggle the heat on or off, while the airflow adjustment dial allows for tailored air circulation.
    Remarkably lightweight at just 4.2 kilograms, it's an ideal blend of power and portability. Boasting a maximum power of 1,800 watts, this dryer provides rapid and efficient drying, further augmented by a maximum airflow of 140 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and a robust blow force of 80 meters per second (m/s).

    For groomers seeking a compact yet capable drying solution, the Air Force Quick Draw Compact Dryer is the answer. Its lightweight and ergonomic design make it a breeze to handle, while the powerful motor ensures efficient drying results. This dryer is the perfect companion for mobile groomers, home groomers, pet parents, or those with limited space. In a convenient, ultra-compact size, it's highly efficient motor produces 10 times more blowing power than a human hair dryer. Great for drying small and medium sized dogs, as well as specific areas of larger breeds. Built without a heating element to safely dry all pets without coat damage, the air is gently heated by the engine so it is always lukewarm. Portable and lightweight frame, yet extremely durable steel construction is built to withstand years of use. Features variable speed controls to adjust airspeed and noise level from 0-100%. Includes a 6 foot hose and 12 foot power cord, table mounting hook and a shoulder strap for easy carrying and mobility. Also comes with convenient attachments like an air concentrator and air flare tool designed for excellent results in less time.

    The lighter-weight, comfortable, easy to use Vortex hand held single motor pet dryer with heater is ideal for finishing areas that are still wet after using a velocity dryer, or for general home use, smaller dogs, thinner coats, cats and spot-drying areas on larger / double-coated dogs such as drying wet paws and legs. Powerful cascade single motor with 2 adjustable heat settings up to 55°C, and 2 adjustable wind speed settings with maximum power 2,200W.

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