What maintenance and care is needed for dryers?

Prices are a lot better than they used to be for dryers, but even though they’re less expensive now, regular maintenance is still recommended to extend their lifetime. Clean the filter at least weekly, if not daily, to prevent fur making its way into the motor. Fur and motors don't mix well!

Like most appliances, dryers have carbon brushes. Made of carbon, they wear down over time, which is how the brushes pass electricity to the motor. Dryer brushes average 300 to 600 hours depending on the model and speeds you use most often. The motor will stop when the brushes have entirely worn out.

Carbon brushes are a low-cost part, replaced by an appliance repairer or electrician, or you can DIY. Once replaced, the motor will go again. They tend to wear out at the worse time (Murphy’s Law!), so when you’re getting up over 200 hours it’s smart to keep a set of spare brushes on hand just in case, especially during the busy season over summer if you don’t have a back-up dryer!