I think there's a fault with a product bought from you. What are my options?

On the rare occasion a product you bought from AllGroom has a fault or defect, or fails to work as described, we can usually provide a refund, repair, replacement or other remedy as outlined below.

How we can help depends on what's wrong, if the product is new, and if it's still within the warranty period. Either way, please let us know right away. Do not attempt to repair the item yourself, as it may void your warranty, be unsafe, or make the problem worse. Do not send a product under warranty to another repairer. Warranty repairs need to be looked after by the retailer you purchased the product from. Do not continue to use a faulty or defective product as it may be unsafe, void the warranty, or make the problem worse.

How long is the warranty period?

Most electrical items, such as clippers, trimmers and dryers, come with a 12 month warranty covering manufacturing faults or defects. If the item is not electrical, or it's been more than 12 months, get in touch anyway and let us know what's wrong as we may still be able to assist.

What does the warranty cover?

The warranty covers manufacturing faults or defects. It doesn't cover normal wear and tear, or issues caused by incorrect use or incorrect storage. A warranty doesn't normally cover accessories like blades, or common wear and tear parts like cords, blade drives, or carbon brushes.

However even if you suspect the issue might be with an accessory, or could be due to wear and tear, there's no harm in asking. We may still be able to assist. If you're not sure when you purchased the item, we can look that up for you. If you're only just outside the warranty period, we may still be able to assist. Please do ask!

What's the warranty returns process? 

Step 1: Get in touch. Tell us what's wrong. We'll check you're covered by the warranty and get your return approved asap.

Step 2: We'll usually either send you a prepaid courier bag to return your item to us at our cost, or for oversize items, we'll usually arrange a courier to come collect it at our cost. 

Step 3: Once received, we'll get it checked by the authorised repairer. Depending on what's wrong, we'll usually repair, replace or refund. For repaired or replaced items, we'll then send them back to you at our cost. 

How long do repairs usually take? 

Normal turn-around is 7 to 10 working days from when we receive your product, provided any required parts are available (if being repaired), or stock is available (if being replaced). 

Can you send a replacement before I return the product?

We can't replace or refund an item that has not been checked by the authorised repairer first. Warranty returns need to come to us first. Whether the remedy is a repair, replacement or refund, it's essential that the authorised repairer is given a chance to inspect the item first. 

Where are repairs done?

We have authorised repairers in New Zealand for all the brands we sell. We don't send products overseas to be repaired. We stock common spare parts, and can source spare parts from our suppliers. We stand by the products we sell and offer service locally so you're up and running again as soon as possible.

Can I choose to have a refund instead of a repair or replacement?

In most cases, a refund is normally provided only when a product's unable to be repaired or replaced in a reasonable time-frame. We will normally repair the item. If a repair is not possible, or is not possible in a reasonable time-frame, we will usually replace the item. If we cannot replace the item, or cannot replace it in a reasonable time-frame, we will normally refund you instead. 

How long do refunds take?

We process refunds very quickly, usually the same day the refund's approved, which take up to 3 working days to appear back on your credit card. If you paid by online banking, refunds can take up to 1 week to appear back in your account.

Does the Consumer Guarantees Act apply?

Yes, products bought from AllGroom for consumer use are covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act. Please note that products used for business purposes are not covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act, but as your supplier, we stand by our products, and will still look after you following the same process outlined above.