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What's your returns policy?

On the rare occasion a product is faulty, has a defect, or fails to work as described, we can provide a refund, repair, replacement or other remedy as outlined below, depending on what's wrong, and if the product is new, under warranty or outside the product warranty period.

In most cases, the remedy can't be confirmed before our repairer's had a chance to inspect the product, so please get in touch right away if you have a suspected fault or defect with a product purchased from us.

If you want to return an item for repair / refund / replacement, always contact us first to get the return approved, otherwise we can't take any action when we receive it. In many cases, we will pay to get the product returned to us, so always contact us first before sending anything to us. Unsolicited returns are usually returned to sender.

AllGroom respects and understands your rights. All replacements and refunds are subject to the Consumer Guarantees Act for personal, domestic or household purposes (the CGA doesn't apply to business use). We honour the Consumer Guarantees Act and any relevant consumer rights legislation. 

Some products come with an additional warranty, typically 12 months for electrical items such as dryers, tables and clippers. Check the product information on our website, or the paperwork or instructions received with your order, to find out what warranty applies, or get in touch with us to find out.

Whether we repair, replace or refund etc will depend on what the problem is and what is required to resolve it. 

However if nothing is wrong with the product but you've changed your mind, or ordered the wrong product in error, search 'change of mind returns' in our help section. 

If you believe you have a faulty product but it's outside the product warranty period, contact us anyway as we may still be able to assist by sourcing parts or providing technical advice.

If in doubt, or you think special circumstances may apply to your situation, please get in touch anyway as we'd like the chance to put it right.