Codos Trimmer CP9200
Codos Pet Trimmer (new model CP-9200)
Codos Pet Trimmer (new model CP-9200)
Codos Pet Trimmer (new model CP-9200)
Codos Pet Trimmer (new model CP-9200)

Codos Pet Trimmer (new model CP-9200)

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The new model Codos Trimmer, model CP-9200. Now with a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, for double the battery lifetime compared to the old Codos 6800 model, a shorter 1.5 hour charge time (old model was 3 hrs), and longer 2 hour run-time (old model was 50 mins). Very affordable, midi-size, cordless trimmer for call coat types, and can also be used as a clipper for some coat types. Check the coat guide below before you buy. Starter kit included for 8 coat lengths. More details below.


The new model Codos Trimmer is a midi-size trimmer for all coat types, that doubles as a light-use cordless clipper for selected coat types (check the coat guide below before you buy). Comes with starter kit for 8 coat lengths from 1mm up to 1.2cm. Kit includes clipper, charging cord, 1 blade, 4 comb attachments, cleaning brush and small oil. Ceramic and stainless steel 4 in 1 blade adjusts for 4 shorter coat lengths: 1mm, 1.3mm, 1.6mm and 1.9mm. Included comb attachments clip on the blade for 4 longer coat lengths: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm. Replacement blades available in stock (blade code 680421). Ceramic blades run cooler than full-steel blades for less risk of blade burn. 


A midi-size trimmer rated for trimming all coat types. Not a full-size or full-power clipper, so not officially rated for full body clipping, however can cope with body clipping on light, thin, easy coats (such as a puppy's first coat before they get their adult coat). Rated for all coat types for trimming (between paw pads, tidying up feet, tidying up faces (around the ears, eyes and mouth), and for sanitary areas (genitals, rectum, abdomen). Also used for targeted removal of bad knots that can't be brushed or cut out. Popular for Veterinary use for targeted coat removal to clear and inspect wounds, for surgical and IV prep. Also popular for trimming mats for cats and rabbits (read the cat review below before you buy).

Important The Codos will cope with full-body clipping for lighter, thinner or 'easy' coats but it is not rated for that use, and likely to struggle with thicker, knotted or matted areas. For thick, double, non-shed, mixed texture, wire, wool, knotted, matted or 'difficult' coats, upgrade to a full-size, full-power clipper instead, and use the Codos as intended, as a trimmer for all coat types.


Codos review by cat breeder Zena Pigden >



COAT PREP Trimming or clipping a dirty, sandy, gritty, dusty, knotted or matted coat can blunt any blade very quickly. To keep blades sharper for longer, always freshly wash and dry the coat, and remove all knots possible, directly before you clip. 

CORD CARE For corded clippers/trimmers, never wrap the cord around the clipper/trimmer, and avoid bending the cord where it connects with the clipper/trimmer. Ideally store hanging upside-down, so oil stays on the blade and does not enter the clipper, or store with the blade off.

BLADE CARE Regularly remove cut hair from the blade during use. Remove and thoroughly clean blades after every use. Once clean, oil blade before storage to avoid rust. Oil blades before use. Oil after coolant has been applied. Touch the blade during use to check blade heat. Use coolant or put clipper/trimmer down and wait for blade to cool. Do not use a hot blade or it may burn the animal. 



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