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What blades fit my clippers?

You need to know two things to easily work out what blades fit your clippers. The first is what type of clippers you have. They will either be an A5 model or they won't.

If your clippers are an A5 model, they fit almost every blade in every length by every brand. A5 essentially means 'universal' or 'standard'.

If you have an A5 model clipper, you can buy blades for coat lengths from under 1mm to over 1cm. You can also buy universal comb attachments for coat lengths from 3mm to 3cms.

A5 model clippers fit all brands of standard blades in sizes 50, 30, 15, 10, 7, 5, 4 and 3 including toe blades. You can shop all blades here by size 

If your clippers are not an A5 model, or you have trimmers not clippers, they will have unique blades made just for your model. 

If your clippers / trimmers are not an A5 model, the easiest way to find which blades fit is to locate your clipper / trimmer on our website. In the product description we link to the replacement blade for your model.

Common A5 model clippers

These are our best selling A5 model clippers. This is not a complete list. 

Andis: AGC, Pulse ZR II, Excel 2, Excel 5, Excel Cordless

Wahl: KMSS, KM2, KM5, KM10, KM Cordless

Heiniger: Saphir, Opal

You can check the full list of A5 model clippers here if you can't see your model listed above.

Not all clippers made by the same brand are A5 model clippers. For example, the Wahl KM model clippers - like the KMSS, KM2, KM5 & KM10 - are all A5 type clippers - but Wahl's Show Pro and Lithium Pet Pro are not, they both have a a unique blade made just for that model.

Do the blade and clipper brands have to be the same?

No, they don't. If your clipper is an A5 model, it will fit any brand of standard blade, in any length. So you can get Wahl blades for your Andis clippers, Andis blades for your Heiniger clippers and so on, provided the blade and the clippers are both A5 (also called standard or universal).

The blade size guide will help you choose the right length of blade.