What blades fit my clippers?

Most blades come in 2 main types, universal or unique. A universal blade is also called an A5 style or A5 type blade, because it fits on all A5 model clippers by any brand.

Unique blades are ones made only for your model of clipper. So if your clipper is not an A5 model clipper, then it has it's own blades, and it won't fit universal A5 blades or universal comb attachments.

Not all clippers made by the same brand are A5 model clippers. For example, the Wahl KM model clippers - like the KMSS, KM2, KM5 & KM10 - are all A5 type clippers - but Wahl's Show Pro and Lithium Pet Pro are not, they both have a a unique blade made just for that model.

If your clipper is an A5 model, it will fit any brand of A5 blade, in any length. So Wahl blades can be used on your Andis clippers, Andis blades on your Heiniger clippers and so on, provided the blade and the clippers are both A5.

Before you buy blades: Check if your clipper is an A5 model here >