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What's the difference between the scissor ranges?

AllGroom stocks level 1 to level 3 scissors, and can order in level 4 on request. Everything from home use, beginners and students, up to competition level scissors for Master Groomers and competing in grooming competitions & breeders for the show ring.

Scissor brands we carry include: Witte Roseline, Geib, Wahl and Shernbao. Use the guide below to match the range to your level of experience. If you aren't sure what level you need, read our Scissor Levels guide first. 

Geib Gator

Level: Level 1 > Entry level for home groomers, beginners and students. Popular workhorse scissors for experienced groomers of all levels.

Use: Tough, hard-working, budget-friendly, workhorse scissor. Traditional shape. Popular for bulk work and block cutting. Decent weight: not too heavy, not too light. Nice balance. More forgiving of rough treatment. More likely to survive knocks and drops. Suitable for even thick, dense or mixed texture coats such as ‘Doodles. Micro-serrated blade 'holds' hair for better user feedback, ideal for less experienced groomers. Save your level 2 scissors for finishing, use these first!

Blades: Micro-serrated. Mirror finish. Convex blades. Japanese steel.

Handle: Screw tension adjuster. Symmetrical handle. Pink removable finger inserts (x2). 

Measurements: Length includes finger rest. Integrated finger rest.

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Geib Gator 008

Level: High level 1 - low level 2 > For home groomers, students and beginners looking to invest in higher quality tools. Popular workhorse scissors for
experienced groomers of all levels.
Use: Works with all coats, perfect for detail and shaping. An upgrade from the Gator with noticeably lighter and much smoother pivot action. More durable to use as workhorse scissors for all experience levels. Also suitable for students & junior groomers. 
Blade: Precision weighted and balanced. Micro-serrated with a thick cutting edge. Honed to razor sharpness for ultra-smooth scissoring, balance, and comfort. Japanese Stainless Steel.
Handle: Handles and finger rests are contoured for optimal comfort, designed to reduce fatigue. Double screw tensioner. Black handle with removeable orange finger inserts (x2). 
Measurements: Length includes finger rest. Screw-in removable finger rest on thinners. Straights and curves have an inbuilt finger rest.
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Witte Roseline

Level: High level 1 to entry Level 2. Entry level for home groomers, beginners and students. Popular workhorse scissors for experienced groomers of all levels.


Geib Entrée - Gold

Level: Level 1 > Entry level for home groomers, beginners and students.
Use: The Entrée Gold is a competitively priced handmade, high-quality scissor. These lovely small scissors are ideal for trimming around delicate or tricky areas like the face, eyes and feet. Lovely smooth action and balance.
Blades: Micro-serrated edge. Mirror finish. Convex blades. Handmade with Japanese steel.
Handle: Gold mirror finish. Gold tension adjustment dial. Screw-in removeable finger rests. Orange removeable finger inserts (x2).
Measurement: Only available in shorter lengths. Lengths include finger rest. 
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Geib Entrée - Silver

Level: High Level 1 to entry Level 2 > For students in training and for experienced professionals. 

Use: Our best-selling entry-level finishing scissors. Great value for this level of quality. Lovely balance in the hand. Popular used alongside the Gator for rough work first, saving the Entrée for finishing. A popular choice for a student or beginner groomer’s first investment in a finishing scissor.

Blades: Micro-serrated. Mirror finish. Convex blades. Japanese steel.

Handle: Sprung tension adjustment dial. Mirror finish. Slightly offset handle.

Measurements: Length includes finger rest. Screw-in removable finger rest. 

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Geib Kiss Gold PINK/RAINBOW 

Level: High Level 1 to Level 2 > For students in training and for experienced professionals. 

Use: Entry-level finishing scissor. Best saved for finishing work, but with the micro serration and fine, sharp edge it handles more than the typical finisher. More of an all-rounder than most. Ideal for those with small to medium hands. Beautifully balanced. Lovely match for those with a lighter touch. A professional level scissor without blowing the budget. Lovely long working blade length with a shorter shank avoids having to move up to a longer, heavier scissor and reduces fatigue. Smaller movement for bigger results. 

Blades: Micro-serrated. Mirror finish. Convex blades. Japanese steel.

Handle: Bronze-pink matte handles with clear removable finger inserts (x2), or, Rainbow mirror finish handle with blue sparkle removable finger inserts (x2). Both pairs have a Gold tension adjustment dial and an offset handle with smaller finger rings.

Measurements: Length includes finger rest. Integrated curvy finger rest.

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Geib Kiss Gold BLUE

Level: High Level 1 to Level 2 > For students in training and for experienced professionals. 

Use: Similar to the Geib Kiss Gold Pink/Rainbow scissors, a great entry level finishing scissor. A very versatile reversable scissor (gorgeous colour too). The double tail finger rests seen throughout this range lets you ‘flip’ for more freedom of movement to follow the natural contours of the dog. Shorter shank with longer blades for professional use, less movement for more result. Beautiful balance. Plenty of working blade length without having to move up to a longer, heavier scissor. More ergonomic offset handle.

Blades: Micro-serrated. Blue mirror finish. Convex blades. Japanese steel. 

Handle: Blue mirror finish handle. Blue sparkle removable finger inserts (x2).  Gold adjustable tension dial. Offset handle.

Measurements: Length includes finger rest. Integrated ‘flip’ dual finger rests.

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Geib Black Pearl

Level: High Level 2 to entry Level 3 > Elite, more specialized scissor with very fine edges for the more skilled, advanced user, competitions and the show-ring.

Use: A favourite with more experienced professionals ready to invest in their scissor work. Shorter shank for plenty of working blade length and easier operation. Lovely balance in the hand. A specialist scissor designed for finishing work on fine to medium coats. Has a bit of a cult following! The curved model is extra curved, lovely for teddy bear heads and furnishings. We love the incredibly sparkly silver case these come in too. For trained users only. 

Blades: Fine edge, micro serrated. Distinctive black mirror finish blades with pearl tension adjustor dial. Japanese cobalt steel. Rockwell hardness 60. Offset handle.

Handle: Black mirror finish handle. Pearl tension adjustor. Offset handle. 

Measurements: Length includes finger rest. Integrated finger rest.  

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Geib Poodle Hi-Tech

Level: A true level 3 scissor > For the experienced user only
Use: One of the best scissors in the world of the premium class for cutting poodles. Designed to cut through thick 'oodle coats with ease. Ideal for daily work with large wool arrays. 
Blades: Japanese Colbalt Stainless Steel alloy. Micro-serrated edge. Wider lower blade. Poodle detailing.
Handle: Offset rainbow chrome handles with pink removeable finger inserts. Pink jewel tension adjustor dial. 
Measurements: Length includes finger rest. Integrated finger rest.
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Before you buy any scissors

Please note that individual scissors even with the same range may have differences to the range overview above (such as number or colour of finger inserts, finger ring measurements, whether finger rests are integrated or removable, colours etc). Suppliers occasionally change specs also. Always check photos and the description of the exact scissor you are buying - do not use this guide alone to make your decision.

If unsure, or you’d like to check something about the scissors you’re considering that is important to you, always ask us before you buy as we cannot accept scissors back if you change your mind after purchase. See the Key below for what each term means.

Scissor Terms Glossary

Integrated finger rest = Finger rest is part of the scissor and cannot be removed.

Screw finger rest = Finger rest can be removed.

Length includes finger rest = Scissor length measurement given by the supplier includes the length of the finger rest. Average finger rest measures half an inch. For example, an 8.5” Geib compares to 8” in another brand that does not include the finger rest length.

Finger rings = Inside measurement of the finger hole in millimetres on the most popular model (usually based on an 8.5” straight depending on the range). May vary slightly between types within a range (eg: thinners versus curved).

Offset handle = The finger rings are not side-by-side. The angle of the offset will vary from a slight offset (like the Entrée) to more extreme (like the Kiss Blue). Offset handles have a longer finger shank and shorter thumb shank. The wider your palm the larger offset you may like however any new range will take some getting used to. Offset handles are usually used with the thumb and ring finger. 

Symmetrical handle = The standard handle type where finger holes line up side-by-side. Favoured for using with the thumb and middle finger (instead of thumb and ring finger). See more about handle types and photos to compare >

Tension adjuster: Usually a screw or adjustable dial. An adjustable dial type is simpler as the adjustable dial allows the user to adjust the tension just by turning it, without the need for a tool. The screw type usually requires a tension adjuster tool. These tools are small circles of metal with small teeth around the edges that will fit perfectly into the two small spaces on the adjustment screw. Some screw type scissors have a flat-head screw that can be adjusted with a small screwdriver.